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By Ray Hamill — This week we honor a senior who has been dominating for years, a freshman who looks like she’ll dominate for years, and the best modern dynasty in H-DNL sports.

In football, the Ferndale Wildcats have won four of their last five games with a number of players stepping up.

None more so than Landon Gomes, who is having a stellar senior campaign and is the catalyst for everything the Cats have achieved.

And that makes him one of our Athletes of the Week.

Another athlete who is taking the H-DNL by storm this year is Arcata freshman Ai-Lan McGoldrick, who has won all three league meets in cross country and gets the nod as our girls Athlete of the Week.

Our Team of the Week also goes to Arcata, where the girls tennis team continues to dominate like no other sports team on the North Coast.

The Tigers, who are cruising to yet another league title, rarely lose a game let alone a match.



Ai-Lan McGoldrick

Arcata Cross Country, Freshman

McGoldrick is one of numerous outstanding freshmen to join the league this season, but has been without doubt the cream of crop.

The first-year varsity runner has won five of her six races, including all three league meets, where she has edged out teammate Vivian Gerstein on each occasion.

The Tigers look set to dominate the league for the next four years, with the sensational McGoldrick leading the way.

For more on McGoldrick’s big week, see McGoldrick, Bennett pace the field in H-DNL cross country …

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Landon Gomes

Ferndale Football, Senior

The Wildcats are enjoying a big season, with plenty of players stepping up, none more so than Gomes.

Once again he set the tone early at Hoopa on Friday night, scoring his team’s first two touchdowns and opening up the play book for the rest of his teammates.

Gomes is enjoying an outstanding season for the Cats, and you get the feeling it’s only going to get better.

For more on Gomes big week, see Gomes’ early TDs set the tone in Ferndale win …


Arcata Girls Tennis

Coaches Sheldon Heath and Onawa Gutierrez have built a pair of dynasties at Arcata High, where the boys and girls tennis teams continue to beat the opposition year after year.

This fall, it’s the girls turn again, where they have barely set a foot wrong all season on the march to the inevitable league championship.

The Arcata tennis teams are setting the standard locally, for all sports teams.

For more on the Arcata girls, see Tigers setting the pace in volleyball, tennis …

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  1. The Tigers are setting the standard locally, in all sports.

    Response: it appears the “writer” has a bias for Arcata High School…lol.

  2. … is the standard improper perverted relationships between coaches and student-athletes…employing lazy ass athletic directors… using the administration to lower the competition level of its sports programs so more kids feel like they’re winners, even though they’re playing watered-down competition… something about creating an image of being the best by removing itself from the rest of the challenging competition in order to shoulder rub with the Lesser competetive schools/leagues who couldn’t even clean the jock straps of recreational league alumni…

    … it’s why the largest school in the league Eureka High has an athletic program where many of its teams are not competitive anymore… and lose to smaller schools…

    … the County’s drug culture and the loss of real jobs are forcing families to leave, it’s why South Fork High School does 8 vs 8 football…

  3. Agree on some of your points Henchman, especially the “…so more kids feel like they’re winners..” Said another way, the age of everybody gets a trophy.

    This is the basis behind forcing SB to play in a bigger league than they should be playing in, the Big 5 in old days, now the Big 4. This is truly a pathetic move by the HDNL to try and get more wins for the now Little 4 and the now Big 4, unfortunately it will mean more league losses for SB.

    I will continue to say it, the coaches know this is not fair, the administrators know it is not fair, definitely the AD’s if they are truly AD’s know it is not fair, parents, even the sports writers/reporters know it is not fair for this to be allowed to continue.

    League is decided on school size, not record, end of story!

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