About Us

Welcome to HumboldtSports.com, a new website for North Coast sports in a new age for sports coverage.

If it’s sports and it’s local, our goal is to provide you access to it here on HumboldtSports.com, and to offer a better platform for the local sports community.

The world of sports coverage has changed dramatically over the past decade, and so too has the way sports information and news is both presented to us and consumed by us.

It is indeed a golden era for sports fans. We now have instant access to almost any game, team or sporting event we want, wherever we want, whenever we want, as well as an assortment of instant information presented to us in all kinds of wonderful ways.

Here at HumboldtSports.com, our goal is to give sports fans on the North Coast better access to their local teams and sports events, as well as comprehensive up-to-the minute news and analysis.

And our goal is to do so in a variety of ways.

In addition to game reports, previews, features and columns, HumboldtSports.com will include podcasts, video interviews and highlights, as well as an assortment of interactive opportunities for athletes and sports fans.

Our goal is also to cover a wide variety of sports, as varied as the community we live in. If it’s local and it’s sports, we’ll do our best to include it.

From traditional favorites such as the Redwood Acres Raceway and the Humboldt Fair horse races, to the contemporary favorites like MMA, you’ll find access to it here at HumboldtSports.com.

We will, of course, be keeping tabs on all the local high school and college sports, as well as features and updates on local athletes competing for colleges all across the country.

One of the great things about living in Humboldt County is the variety of sporting opportunities available to us.

We have access to any number of outdoor activities right here in our own backyard and as beautiful a backdrop as you’ll find anywhere with some of the most fantastic scenery and intimate sporting arenas.

North Coast sports fans are also as passionate as anywhere else, showcasing massive support for their local sports and teams, and the relative isolation here fuels that community support for our community teams.

Passionate community fans like that deserve the type of sports coverage they can be proud of. The sort of sports coverage that gives them the access and information they want in a format that suits their lifestyle.

Welcome to HumboldtSports.com, where our goal is to do just that.


If you have a sports story you would like to see covered here on HumboldtSports.com, you can reach us at humboldsports1@gmail.com

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  1. Yes, very good layout.

    Finally a local media outlet for local sports to quiet the critics yearning for coverage.


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