Bring it on, CR men ranked last in the state


Ray Hamill/ – This year’s stellar recruiting class.

By Ray Hamill — Are you kidding me?

If it seems the sports teams up here get a little overlooked sometimes, I’m not sure any of them have ever been disrespected this much.

With their season opener now just over three weeks away — on Halloween, no less — the College of the Redwoods men’s basketball team is currently ranked dead last out of 98 community college teams in the state of California, according to Massey Ratings.

Don’t be surprised if someone at Massey gets fired this year, because it’s a pretty safe bet that a team featuring multiple local league MVPs is not going to be the worst in the state this winter.

The preseason ranking will come as a surprise to anyone who has been following the Corsairs this offseason, with the addition of a new coaching team and the one of the best recruiting classes the program has ever brought on board.

Certainly, the Corsairs struggled last season, but the hiring in March of head coach Ryan Bisio and assistants Taylor Morrow and Justin Claus is one that has the local basketball community feeling excited.

Just a few days later, Bisio announced the recruitment of several H-DNL all-stars, each of whom decided to stay local after the Bisio hiring was finalized.

Apparently, someone at Massey Ratings didn’t get the memo, and while no one here is getting too carried away just yet with a program that has struggled recently, there is a noticeable excitement surrounding this team.

“I don’t think I was surprised being that Redwoods finished last year in that slot,” Bisio said of the ranking. “But I can tell you this is a group of guys that’s not preparing in a way that’s going to keep them in that spot.”

At the very least the Corsairs should be fun to watch, with an assortment of sure-shooters, many of whom have been playing together for years.

Not to mention four Big 5 MVPs.

“We’re really happy with the progress we’re making,” Bisio said. 

The Corsairs open the season at the two-day San Jose CC Tip-off, which gets under way on Halloween.

CR’s first home game will be in early December, although Bisio is hoping to have a scrimmage against Humboldt State on Oct. 19.

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  1. Hmm, Only One Direction and that’s up… but can you blame those who rate programs… really what has CR basketball done other than have coaches get arrested for criminal conduct…

  2. … with that written, Bisio will be a rhino and lead that program back… the excitement will be what kind of style offensively and defensively the team will play… hopefully many in order to switch up the game plan depending on the opponent…

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