Where to watch Saturday’s big fight, and something viewers need to be aware of

File photo – Louis Cosce will fight Sasha Palatnikov on Saturday afternoon.

By Ray Hamill — As Louis Cosce gets set for his big UFC debut on Saturday, local sports fans will be able to watch the action live on television and online.

But there’s something viewers need to be aware of.

Cosce is 7-0 as a pro fighter and will face off against Sasha Palitnikov in Las Vegas in the opening fight of the UFC 255 12-fight card.

The action begins at 3:30 p.m. and Cosce’s fight is scheduled to be televised live on ESPN2 as well as online through ESPN Plus.

If, however, you plan on watching on ESPN2, you need to be aware that if the UCLA/Oregon football game (scheduled for 12:30 p.m.) goes longer than its allowed time slot, that could delay coverage of the fight action.

Cosce’s last five fights have lasted an average of just 39 seconds, and there is the possibility Saturday’s contest could be over before ESPN2 begins its coverage.

If you’re watching online through ESPN Plus, on the other hand, coverage will not be affected by any potential delay in the college game.

Palitnikov is 5-2.

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  1. The cosco boys come from awesome martial arts family members, their grandparent Richard Dean a great amateur boxer and their parents louie and sanecha awesome martial artists training with the native American martial arts club, with sanecha and her twin sister alisha both becoming World pro am karate champions two years in a row back in 1989 and 1990!

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