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Humboldt’s history maker putting local MMA on the map

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By Ray Hamill — If you want to watch Humboldt’s history maker on Saturday afternoon, here’s some advice for you — don’t be late.

Let’s just say Louis Cosce has a habit of finishing things quickly, and there’s no reason to expect that to change when he faces off against Sasha Palatnikov and becomes the first-ever fighter from the area to compete in a UFC event.

Louis and his brother Orion could be the most exciting thing to come out of Humboldt since the legendary SpongeBob and his pals, and you get the feeling they are on the verge of greatness and ready to put Humboldt MMA on the global map.

They are that good.

Louis has had to be patient, because not too many MMA fighters want to get in the cage with him after watching him destroy just about everyone who has done so with both precision and decisiveness.

He is 7-0 as a pro fighter, ending all of his fights in the opening round, including three in the opening 18 seconds.

His last five fights have remarkably averaged just 39 seconds, and that’s a stat that will turn heads and make people in the sport pay attention.

Any fighter can get lucky and end a contest quickly with a fortunate strike, but to dominate repeatedly in every fight speaks of a special talent.

And that’s what Louis is, something the world will get to see on Saturday, as long as they remember to tune in on time.

His long-time trainer Brian Wilson, who runs the Lost Boys gym in Arcata, says Louis has never looked better.

He says this before every fight, and it’s true before every fight.

Louis is a competitor who is ascending with each passing contest, and considering his track record that’s a frightening prospect for any potential opponents.

When you talk to Louis he sounds neither arrogant nor brash, yet his tone suggests a supreme confidence and a natural composure and that this is what he was born to do.

Submitted photo – Louis, left, and Orion Cosce

Like any MMA fighter worth his salt, Louis has worked exceptionally hard to get to where he is, feeding off a sometimes difficult past that has fueled his desire to succeed.

Yet there’s an air of destiny about him, something that strongly suggests Saturday is not the destination but rather just the beginning of something great.

Some athletes have that air about them and some don’t, and Louis most definitely does.

If you haven’t seen him fight yet, tune in on Saturday and you’ll see exactly why local MMA fans are so excited about this guy.

Just don’t be late.

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