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Eagles taking precautions, willing to do whatever it takes to play


Photos by Ray Hamill/

By Ray Hamill — The message was loud and clear on Saturday. The Humboldt Eagles just want to play baseball, and they’re apparently willing to do whatever they have to in order to play the game safely during what are unprecedented times.

In the aftermath of some local media reports questioning whether they should be playing games right now, on Saturday the players and coaches were clearly doing their best to adhere to any required restrictions.

“We’re just trying to do it right,” head coach Matt Tomlin said. “And we kind of adjusted the plan today.”

For Saturday’s games, all of the players wore face masks when not actually playing, with some of them even doing so out on the field during any break in action.


Opposing players and coaches also wore face masks.

In addition, social distancing was more evident as well, with the players seated separately in the outfield foul territory instead of in and around the dugout.

“We’re just really focused on doing it right, and keeping everybody healthy,” Tomlin said. “And allowing the kids to play baseball.”

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  1. Thanks you for telling a little about the other side of the story that the journalistic hacks Hank Sims and Ryan Burns would never put the effort out to write in a fair and balanced manner. I have had plenty of experience in the past with those two.

    Humboldt Counties local numbers are still low even after many exercised their right to protest over two weeks ago in outdoor settings, which I was personally fine with provided that the protests were peaceful. No Local spike from those activities and based on the media coverage there wasnt a lot of social distancing going on there

    The reality is we are far more likely to get covid going to Waremart or Costco that have twice the amount of customers inside breathing recirculated air and sharing shopping carts then letting these young men play a outdoor game. We all have to live a little people

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