Local coach offers advice for athletes affected by shutdown


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By Ray Hamill — With the uncertainty currently surrounding sports and not knowing when they might return, one local coach is offering some words of encouragement and advice for student athletes affected by the shutdown.

According to long-time Humboldt State strength and conditioning coach Drew Petersen, there is no reason to feel anxious about the situation, and there are little things that can be done to stay prepared for when sports may resume.

“I’m sure kids are very anxious right now regarding the missed training,” Petersen said. “There’s no need to be though.

“As athletes, you don’t train to get fit, you get fit so you can train, and if they stay fit during the lockdown it will be easy to transition back into training.”

The ongoing pandemic crisis has shut down sports all around the globe, including the cancelation of all team sports activity here in Humboldt and Del Norte counties for both in-season and offseason programs.

And in addition to the disappointment of losing their spring seasons, many local athletes also are now feeling the stress of not being able to train and the worry of falling behind.

However, Petersen, who is a legend in the world of strength and conditioning, says there’s no need to worry and that student athletes who follow some basic workouts will be fine.

“Right now, you just need to stay fit so that when we do start training again it doesn’t take long,” he said. “If you can stay fit, it shouldn’t take you any more than maybe two weeks to get back in game shape.”

Petersen also has offered to advise any local student athletes who may have any questions or concerns.

They can email the HSU coach at

“If anybody has any questions they can give me a shout,” he said. “I’ve got time.”

Utilize whatever is available

For athletes without the benefit of a home gymnasium and their own weights, Petersen recommends utilizing whatever they might have available, including their own body weight.

“I have a couple of students saying they have been using their dogs,” he said with a chuckle.

“It doesn’t have to be super specific. It could be general. Push ups, sit ups, body weight squats. Use whatever you’ve got at your disposal.”

Petersen also recommends Googling body weight exercises and training tips.


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