Soccer Roundup – H-DNL teams get set for league tournament


Photos by Ray Hamill/ – Eureka’s Klayre Barres (7) and St. Bernard’s Shelby Jordan will both be in action next week in the H-DNL tournament.

The Eureka girls completed a perfect league campaign on the soccer fields on Saturday, while the Fortuna boys dropped their first points at home to Del Norte.

In girls action, Eureka closed out the Humboldt-Del Norte League at 14-0 with a 6-0 win at McKinleyville, while Arcata defeated South Fork 7-0 and Fortuna got the better of Del Norte 3-1.

On the boys side, Del Norte prevented the Huskies from closing out with a perfect record by earning a 2-2 tie in Fortuna, while Eureka defeated McKinleyville 1-0.

With the regular season now over, the top six teams in each league will turn their attention toward the H-DNL Tournament.

The top two seeds will each have a first-round bye and a home game in the tournament semifinals on Wednesday and Thursday.

In the girls opening round on Tuesday, Arcata will host Del Norte at 2:30 p.m., and McKinleyville will host St. Bernard’s at 6 p.m.

Eureka and Fortuna are the top seeds.

In boys tournament action, Fortuna and Del Norte earned the top two seeds, while the opening round sees McKinleyville travel to Eureka for a 6 p.m. kickoff, as well as Arcata hosting South Fork.


Eureka 6, McKinleyville

The Loggers closed out a dominating regular season with their 14th win in 14 games.

Senior co-captains Athena Miller and Olivia Stone each netted twice for Eureka, which outscored its opponents 93-2 in league play.

Alivia Andersen and Klayre Barres each also scored in the win, while Aquena Tolfeson had two assists and Liza Crassweller one.

Miller was involved in four of the Eureka goals, adding a pair of assists.

“It was definitely a good way to end the season,” Eureka head coach Andy Salatnay said. “It was a strong performance, consistent throughout the 80 minutes.”

For McKinleyville, a group of six seniors were honored before the game, including influential midfielders Grace Rosebrook and Jaycee Morais and the ever-consistent Cecelia Ferreira at sweeper.

“They will be sorely missed next season,” Mack head coach Adam Canepa said. 

Ferreira missed the game with an injury, and fellow senior Sheriden Sinnen filled in at sweeper and had a strong performance against a dangerous Eureka attack.

Hadley Ward and Kirsten Ford also played their final regular season home games as seniors, and each had a big game, according to the coach.

The Panthers closed out league play at 7-6-1 and tied with St. Bernard’s in fourth.

South Fork 0, Arcata 7

The Tigers closed out league play in third place with a comfortable win over the Cubs on Saturday.

And it was the two senior co-captains who led the way in the victory, with Karina Zumbrun and Nina Crossen each scoring twice.

Zakiya Elloway-Woneberg also scored twice in the win in what has been an impressive season for the junior.

“She’s been steady, dependable all season long,” Arcata head coach Patrick Stranahan said of Elloway-Woneberg. 

Overall, it was another solid performance from a Tigers team that appears to be peaking headed into the postseason.

“We played well,” the head coach said. “The girls were relaxed passing, and they moved the ball around well.”

The coach made some switches in the second half, moving senior outside backs Sarah Jensen and Bella Garrett up front, and each had an immediate impact at that end of the field, finishing with a goal and an assist, respectively.

A class of nine seniors were honored before kickoff, including Gwyn Stratton, Ava Killoran, Audrey Shelton, Sophia Belton and Maygan Graves.

“They’ve been the core of this team all season long,” Stranahan said of the seniors.

Fortuna 3, Del Norte 1

Fortuna closed out an impressive league campaign with an 11th win in 14 games on Saturday.

Sarah Killfoil and Nayah Cacren each scored for the Huskies, who also benefitted from a Del Norte own goal.

“I was pleased with their play overall,” Fortuna head coach Kevin O’Neil said. 

In particular, the play of Killfoil and Cacren stood out.

“Sarah Killfoil had a great game. She controlled the ball quite a bit for us,” O’Neil said. “And Nyah also. They worked well off each other.”

After earning the second seed for the H-DNL tournament, the Huskies will have a first-round before hosting the winner of Arcata/Del Norte on Thursday at 6 p.m.


Fortuna 2, Del Norte 2

After dominating North Coast opposition all season long, the Huskies were handed a little bit of a wake-up call on Saturday.

With the tie, Fortuna closes out the H-DNL at 13-0-1.

“We made two mistakes and they capitalized,” Fortuna head coach Daniel Holmes said. “We definitely had opportunities but we couldn’t find the back of the net. But that’s the beautiful game sometimes.”

The Huskies will now turn their attention to the postseason, and will have a bye in the first round of the H-DNL tournament, hosting either Eureka or McKinleyville on Wednesday night.

Aaron Mignon scored one of the Fortuna goals, with Oliver Herrera scoring the second.

“We were missing something on the left wing and I subbed him in” Holmes said of Herrera, “and he hit a banger.”

The Huskies coach also paid tribute to the Warriors, who closed out an impressive campaign at 10-1-3 in league play.

“I said it the last time, they’ve definitely improved,” Holmes said. “They look good.”

The Huskies are now 17-1-2 overall.

Eureka 1, McKinleyville 0

The Loggers will head into the postseason with some momentum after defeating the Panthers for the second time in 10 days on Saturday.

The Eureka boys are now unbeaten in five straight games, including four wins.

David Parra got the lone goal at Mack, scoring on a penalty kick right before halftime to give the visitors a timely boost heading into the break.

“It was pretty evenly matched,” Eureka head coach Alex Skweir said. 

The Loggers had the better exchanges of the first half, but the home team came out re-energized after the break.

“In the second half, McKinleyville played with a high intensity and a lot of pressure,” Skweir added. “Luckily, we were able to hold on to the clean sheet.”

Senior captain Skylar Carroll had another strong showing between the posts for the Loggers, who have given up only three goals in their past five games.

In the heart of midfield, Eureka’s Jesus Parra and Cristian Bravo-Sierra controlled the passage of play for much of the game.

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  1. Why are the total # of season games being compromised by a “league tournament”? Was simply a third round of regular-season play converted into an end-of-the-year league tournament?

    On the girls side I don’t think this league tournaments going to change the fact that the Eureka High School girls is the best team.

    On the boys side it gives Del Norte an opportunity to beat Fortuna.

    Seems it’s much better to play stronger competition earlier in the season so that by the end of the season you’re a better team not relying on having to play more games under the guise of a league tournament where the competition is just as it was during the regular season which wasn’t as good as what it could have been had the teams scheduled more games with out of the area teams that are better so as to learn how to play the game better and become a better team.

    The whole realignment with North Coast sections really lowered the bracket for North Coast HDNL teams which in reality made all the programs worse. A story on the changes would be valued.

    • Henchmen of Justice, I have read all your posts and there is little positivity in your words for youth sports. Let’s change your tune to congratulate the youth of Humboldt County for pursuing athletics in addition to their academics. These are kids for gods sake, don’t belittle their efforts!!

      In reference to your uninformed opinions:

      1) The Loggers Girls Soccer team attempted in preseason to reach out and schedule games in Southern Oregon and Portland to face a higher level of competition with no luck. They have also had scrimmages with teams from outside of the area that were not counted on Maxpreps or counted toward their stats due to others teams not wanting a blemish on their record.

      2) The NCS realignment was not a choice any local coach wanted to make but it was one of necessity due to the majority of high school teams in Santa Rosa/Bay Area switching to winter soccer. I know local coaches, players and parents would like to have had the chance to face stiffer competition in sections.

      3) FYI, in 2016 the Eureka Girls Soccer program faced Analy in sections. They held Analy to a scoreless draw in regulation time. Unfortunately the Loggers lost 1-0 in overtime, despite a spirited effort. Two year has passed since then and all local soccer teams have improved significantly and I know the top 3 teams, Arcata, Fortuna and Eureka, would love the chance to face teams from Santa Rosa/Bay Area. I guarantee you, we would see one or two local teams move on past the first round of sections facing stiffer competition.

      Be positive for youth sports!

      • Your wrong, learn how to read and understand the politics involved that bring down youth sports, not uplift. You have no idea on positive, so don’t try packaging for sale a false analyses based on an inability to thoroughly read and understand.

        If you feel any particular youth was directly criticized, then by all means write it, point it out…ya can’t.

        Henchy keeps it at the adults, so undsrstand.

      • The realignment was due partly because the other programs were sick and tired of playing inferior competition… considering that a lot of the players want to continue their careers… and then there’s the aspect of picking up some of the football players in winter league… and the H D NL used to be winter league soccer up until 1984-1985…Henchy knows he was on the field at Moreau Catholic at the time playing against that team…

      • For your information, Analy was never a strong female soccer program that is why and Lee was one of the few teams from out of the area that was constantly being scheduled for preseason games on the North Coast whereas many other teams that were better refused to come up here… no need to split hairs when the facts are the facts and henchy who’s been part of this sport for the better part of 40 years knows more than most on the subject matter …

      • First round wow, impressive….. kind of like a championship game between a team that’s undefeated and a team that’s got a losing record from Laytonville… It’s true that over 30 years there’s been a handful of teams that have been Worthy post first round skill levels…

        EHS boys 1987 and 1988
        AHS boys 1987 and 1988

        AHS boys early mid 2000’s

        AHS girls early 2000’s

        St. Bernards when Vellutinis grandaughter was playing, won it all in D5.

        As far as programs are concerned Eureka High School should always be the best locally, but it’s not and that is a problem that’s indicative of not the players, but adults!

      • And because you didn’t want to answer the very first question that was indicated in the very first paragraph about the post league tournament well maybe you didn’t answer because the post league tournament is indicative of the fact that outside area teams aren’t desirable to playing the local teams and so the local teams want to have more games to make up for the fact that they lost games to better competition because they weren’t good enough in the mindset of the other competition to waste it’s time to travel to this area or to waste it’s time to have a local team travel to its area for a match that it had already predetermined was not in its best efforts as a program because that program would be down playing itself for a program that couldn’t uplift itself to match the program that was already better…

  2. The pic above is….either dangerous play (exposed cleats) while stabbing/lunging from the side…could also be “play on advantage”…how the challenge turned out is unknown…but #7 has a right foot, ankle, shin, leg that would be the landing zone for exposed studs on cleats/boots.

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