SOCCER ROUNDUP — Arcata, Eureka girls keep rolling

File photo – Zoe Macknicki assisted on five of Arcata’s goals on Saturday.

Alia Prentiss scored five goals and added an assist, as the Arcata girls defeated a young South Fork team that features eight freshmen, 17-0, on Saturday.

The win was the fourth straight against Little 4 opposition for the defending league champions, as they get set to open the Big 4 next week.

Zoe Macknicki also had a big afternoon in the win, assisting on five of the Tigers’ goals and scoring one.

Kyla Berman, Maddy Conley and Milani Hunnicutt each scored twice, with Gabriela Cavinta, Gabriela Davidson, Gracie Townsend, Sionna Khattab and Quinlyn Rush-Copple each also netting once.

The Eureka girls also won big on Saturday, defeating Del Norte 5-0.

Lila Ekholdt capped a big week with two goals after scoring four times against St. Bernard’s on Wednesday.

Maia Hales and Saedra Joseph both also scored in the win, while Kira Morris, Ella Tollefson and Grace Nelson each had an assist.

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  1. Coaches for hire?

    South Fork needs commitment… on youth soccer that leads to High School…not sure if enrollment #’s are down, but can’t remember a time South Fork was ever this mismatched…

    This is plane heartbreaking…

    No way on this green earth is 17-0 encourageable.

    If these frosh players were taught “offside trap defense”, given the inexperience of age, no way Arcata scores double-digits…

    South Fork area/region needs its own sponsored soccer camps on the Eel, needs better recruitment opportunities, needs to “sell the sport” as “the sport to play”…

    …maintaining top notch fields, sporting venues is what brings out athletes…

  2. I couldn’t agree more. However, athletes are very limited in our area, and this year South Fork had enough players for a Varsity and JV Volleyball team, which took some of our female athletes. We barely have enough players to even scrape together a team, and at this point, we have to be thankful our girls are getting a season. They are playing with no subs. They are playing with teammates who have never played soccer before. They are playing with injuries. They are playing with heart. Unfortunately, we aren’t getting transfers, we can’t recruit, and this is the best we’ve got. You can only do so much with the talent you are given. There have not been try-outs or cuts in ANY sport, male or female, for years. Most of our kids don’t have the means to play travel teams in the off season, driving over an hour to practice, not to mention the cost to travel to tournaments, pay for uniforms and equipment, etc. We don’t have athletic training facilites. We don’t have maintained city fields. We should be playing other division 6 small schools. We knew it would be a slaughter when we drove up there. Imagine if it was your kid on the team. But you know what, we showed up anyway. We DO have youth soccer teams from Southern Humboldt. I cannot speak to the quality of coaching, as my kids are no longer at that level. We ARE looking for coaches at the high school level. The soccer position was open and never filled. We are still looking for a basketball coach and softball coach. The stipend for coaching is so low that most people can’t afford to do it. The cost of gas and missed work doesn’t even come close to the paycheck. So… who’s ready to step up and help South Fork?

    • Good words MC, and to iterate this point too… always had a great experience with South Fork people, so the problem is not for lack of great people experiences.

      The #1 goal is better facilities, it attracts people… and watering the field turf and adjacent landscaping creates an inviting environment. Parking upgrades needed too.

      Good Luck South Fork 🤞

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