Spring sports should be a priority for the H-DNL

Ray Hamill/ – The McKinleyville Panthers played just two games in baseball last spring before the COVID-19 shutdown.

By Ray Hamill — Whatever the H-DNL decides to do in regard to the sports calendar in the coming weeks, priority should be given to the spring sports.

The league athletic directors will meet on Friday to discuss the calendar, with plenty to talk about and plenty to consider in the midst of the pandemic.

As of right now, the North Coast Section will allow some sports resume on Feb. 1, with different sports allowed back as each county moves through the COVID tiers, depending on the level of contact involved in each.

Under the purple or most restricted tier, only low-contact outdoor sports like tennis, golf, cross country and track and field would be permitted.

Whether or not, the H-DNL will move some of these traditional spring sports forward to take advantage of the timing remains to be seen, but it is an option the ADs will likely at least discuss.

Ideally, the league will look to schedule every sport, with shortened all-local schedules for each.

But spring sports should be prioritized after they were all canceled last year because of the pandemic.

Canceling sports like baseball, softball, track and field, boys tennis and boys golf again this year would be devastating to the senior class, who would lose a second straight year of competion.

No doubt the ADs will take that into consideration as they try to figure out a way out of this mess.

High school sports in California have been shut down since mid-March of last year.

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