New high school sports facility remains on schedule

Photos by Nick Parker

By Ray Hamill — Construction on the new Arcata High sports facility remains on schedule, according to Tigers junior Nick Parker, who has been keeping close tabs on the progress.

Parker, a starting infielder for the Arcata varsity baseball team, has been updating the local community daily on the construction through his social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

And construction is still on schedule to be completed sometime in November.

“Generally they are on schedule,” Parker told Humboldt Sports after his daily visit to the site on Monday. “The only thing they’re worried about is when it starts raining a lot.”

Danco is undertaking the construction, which began in the summer.

“It’s looking like they’ve completed the plumbing on the rest rooms and snack shack,” Parker said. “And the main thing they’re working on right now is the drainage.”

The new facility will feature a baseball field, batting cages, a storage and concession building, a parking lot for 38 cars, as well as a state-of-the-art track built around a soccer field and a practice area for football.

The baseball field can also be used as a practice facility for various sports.

Photos by Nick Parker

Most important, the facility will have “state of the art” drainage on a field that was notorious for being water-logged every year.

Parker, who has a personal interest in the new facility as a player, decided at the outset of the project to set up his social media accounts following the progress in order to keep the community updated.

“In general it’s been really interesting to follow because I’m able to be so close and involved,” Parker added.

The Tigers varsity baseball team is expected to play some games at the new facility while also continuing to play at the Arcata Ball Park, while the football team will continue to play at the Redwood Bowl.

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