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Cosce dominates again with another quick finish

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“The Monster” continued to live up to his nickname on Saturday night, with another quick finish at the Win-River Casino.

Fighting for the third time in just five months, former Hoopa High wrestler Louis Cosce took just 18 seconds to get the better of Bill Smallwood with a TKO in a 175-pound fight.

It was Cosce’s fifth win in five fights as a professional, all of them coming in the first round.

His past three fights have taken less than two minutes combined.

The 24-year-old admits he was looking to make a longer fight of it in order to get some valuable fight time, but took his chance when the opening came.

“I was going to make it last a little longer and get  some experience, but it’s hard to do that sometimes,” he said. 

Trainer Brian Wilson of Lost Boys Gym in Arcata, who also promoted the Redding fight night, was once again impressed with Cosce’s performance.

“He came out and he dominated,” Wilson said. “He looked strong, he looked fast and he just looked to be at a higher level. He’s really coming into his own, and the next few years are going to be exciting for him.”

The busy Cosce won’t be wasting any time before his next fight, which takes place in four weeks in San Francisco. 

It will be his fourth fight in just six months.

“The way he’s winning fights allows him to do that,” Wilson said of the quick turnaround. “He’s winning quickly and he’s taking no damage at all.”

Tyler Watkins, another Lost Boys fighter, was also in action at Win-River on Saturday, losing his fight with Christian Agosto at 145 pounds.

Watkins, who has been challenging himself with some tough opponents as he prepares to turn pro, lost on a first-round armbar.

“He came out and he looked like he had the fight under control, and then he made a mistake and his opponent capitalized on it,” Wilson said. “It happens very quickly in this sport.”

Cosce will immediately turn his attention to his upcoming fight at Kezar Pavillion, where he will take on Daniel Compton.

“It will be a pretty big test for me,” said Cosce, who will be back in the gym on Monday.

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