Redwood Acres’ inaugural Rhody 100 to feature large purse

The 2022 Redwood Acres Raceway season begins late next month, and one of the most anticipated races of the season is the inaugural Rhododendron 100 on opening night.

The 100-lap race for the late models will feature a big purse and a unique format, which will allow the winner to take home as much as $9,500.

Sponsored by Old Town Rotary, the race will pay $5,000 to the winning car as well as multiple bonus payouts, with the race broken into three segments.

After the first 20 laps, the caution will be thrown and the leader at the time will receive $1,000. 

At lap 50, another caution will occur with the leader earning $1,500. 

At that time, the leading driver has the option to retain their position in the lead or opt to the back of the field to try to go for a $2,000 winner’s bonus.

Additionally, the second-place finisher will earn $4,000, with $3,000 going to third place, $2,000 to fourth, $1,500 to fifth, $1,000 to sixth and $750 to seventh. 

Photo by Sherie Bialous

The minimum payout to start the 100-lap race is $500.

The season gets under way on April 30.

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