H-DNL to allow limited number of spectators from Monday

Ray Hamill/ – The H-DNL has been competing without any spectators in attendance for the past two weeks.

By Ray Hamill — The H-DNL announced on Friday morning that a limited number of spectators will be allowed at league sporting events again, beginning on Monday.

The H-DNL superintendents met on Thursday afternoon to discuss the no-spectator mandate which the league had implemented two weeks ago because of concerns over the rising number of COVID cases, and they voted to update the guidelines.

The new guidelines, which will run through the remainder of the basketball and wrestling seasons, will allow each student athlete competing to have up to four family members attend.

The new guidelines, however, fall short of allowing students who not competing to attend any sporting events.

According to a league press release, “After thoughtful consideration and discussion, the superintendents from the H-DNL reached a consensus regarding new spectator guidelines for the remainder of the 2022 winter sports season.”

Family members must enter as a group and wear masks at all times, and all gymnasiums will be cleared in between games when two or more games are held.

Because the new guidelines do not come into effect until Monday, a busy weekend schedule of high school basketball will still be played behind closed doors.

The full press release reads as follows …

“After thoughtful consideration and discussion, the Superintendents from the HDNL reached a consensus regarding new spectator guidelines for the remainder of the 2022 Winter Sports Season.

The group’s discussions were focused on the following priorities:

1. Preserve in-school instruction for all students

2. Preserve the opportunities for student-athletes to participate in competition

3. Provide a framework for Family Members to attend scheduled HDNL games/wrestling contests

4. Avoid the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) defined Mega Events of 500 people or more, requiring Vaccine Verification or Negative Testing for all attendees age 2 and older

Starting Monday, January 24, each student-athlete will be able to have up to 4 Family Members attend a HDNL Winter Sports Event. Family Members will enter the events as a group and also follow the CDPH required masking guidelines once they enter the gym.

To maximize attendance opportunities for Family Members, the gyms will be “cleared out” between each game and then the next group of Family Members will enter the facilities. For smooth transitions between games, your prompt departure and patience while waiting to enter is greatly appreciated.

Each school will be responsible for developing their “guest list” of Family Members for both home and away games.

In support of these priorities, the Superintendents and the Humboldt – Del Norte League remind the Community to fulfill the CDPH requirement for being masked in all High School buildings and all indoor High School athletic events.”

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  1. “Limited” is confusing…if the schools are already implementing 6 foot spacing between spectators, how much more “limited” is the venue going to be…

    …and the whole registration/register list must be a “first come, first serve” or “hierarchy” arrangement, how convenient…like East Germany 🇩🇪…”got your papers”…

    …back in the day, something like this would be for a game in Watts or Compton due to gang violence…not a flu-like coronavirus because nobody complained before about the same symptoms, demanding what we experience now…it is fantastical insanity really…

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