H-DNL to play without spectators for two weeks

Ray Hamill/

By Ray Hamill — The H-DNL announced on Wednesday afternoon that no spectators will be allowed at sporting events for two weeks beginning on Friday.

According to a press release from the league, the move was made “in an attempt to slow down and possibly minimize the spread of COVID in both our school and local communities.”

The temporary “no spectators” mandate will be in effect for all H-DNL athletic events starting Friday and running through January 23.

The mandate was passed by a vote of 6-4 and will will impact basketball and wrestling.

“The number of positive tests being reported from local school districts and recent updates from Humboldt County Public Health (188 new COVID cases in the Jan. 4 press release) indicate this is likely the beginning of a surge,” the H-DNL press release said.

The league said it will continue to monitor local data and re-evaluate the requirement as conditions change.

“The league understands the disappointment that comes with this announcement, but given the circumstances, it appreciates your understanding, patience and cooperation,” the press release said.

Most H-DNL athletic events can be accessed online and interested spectators are urged to contact their local schools for more information regarding online viewing.

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  1. no worries I ll be in Vegas with packed venues of no mask normal life. Or I could go to a local bar and drink and smoke weed among us grown privilege adults. Way to go HDNL! punish anything tied to the kids….teachers unions and Dems states like Ca.are full of repulsive pukes that I hope these kids remember to vote out of office in their voting future.

    • The common cold sure has gotten out of hand. Too bad for local sports that politics is the rule now.

      • You got that correct…science says the flu spreads every year, not some minor spread, but globally…yet, even with death and disability a concern with every flu, H-DNL was always ok with the flu spreading…but now, the politics is enlisting local troops at a level and degree not typical in the past century or two…

        …freedom to quit school team and have parents/players who quit hang out with other schools’ former players who just quit… now that would cripple the H-DNL and schools integrity, which is already in decline none-the-less…

        …only reason why school sports has been popular is because student athletes typically desire player status on campus…for if the sport can be played elsewhere off-campus and not affiliated with school, the athlete is less interested…

        …now student athletes get to decide what their principles are and are not… either stick with those who abuse you, or go to where opportunity is open arms and not deconstructive…

  2. you guys are ruining our high school experience. what are we almost 2 years into this? the new variant is a common cold. why didn’t we test for the common cold before covid?? I can’t believe H-DNL is doing this, Covid will never go away, we just have to accept that this is what it is. im so upset because my high school was looking forward to these games as a sense of happiness and it is being stripped right from us. WE ONLY GET HIGH SCHOOL ONCE STOP TAKING IT AWAY FROM PLAYERS AND STUDENTS

  3. Delays, delays and more delays…ought to really bring folks together, lol… at least the players and coaches can’t complain about the officiating not being loud enough with the whistle🤷‍♂️

    IMHO, disagree with this social lockdown maneuver based on politics and not science…

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