NCS ROUNDUP — Busy day for local teams in the playoffs

Ray Hamill/ – Soffia Reyes in action for McKinleyville against Credo on Saturday.

Eight local teams were in action in the NCS soccer playoffs on Saturday, including a doubleheader of games at both McKinleyville and Fortuna.

In girls Division-I action, Arcata defeated St. Helena 8-0 at Mack High and Eureka got the better of the Huskies 3-0 in Fortuna.

Also in Division I, the McKinleyville girls lost at home to Credo by a score of 2-0.

In boys action, Arcata fell at Making Waves, 8-0, while Fortuna won at home to The Bay School, 7-2.

In Boys D-II action, South lost 4-0 at Sonoma Academy.

In the girls D-III bracket, No. 1 seed Upper Lake defeated South Fork 4-0 and will now host St. Bernard’s in the championship game on Wednesday.

Fortuna 7, The Bay School 2

It took the Huskies a while to get going at Husky Field on Saturday, as the visiting Bay School led twice early in the game.

Thanks to their seniors, however, the Huskies took control of the game in the second half and will now advance to next week’s semifinal round.

“It’s a big game, but at the same time it’s a game they’ve all played since they were kids, and I think that once they realized it, that helped,” head coach Daniel Holmes said. 

Antonio Garcinuno scored a hat trick in the win, while fellow seniors Lane Shelton and RJ Rexford each netted twice.

Another senior, Edgar Herrera, was influential in helping to settle his teammates in the middle of the field, while seniors Angel Diaz and Braiden Barsanti each also helped set the tone in the second half.

The No. 1 seed Huskies will play No. 5 St. Helena at home on Wednesday night after the Saints beat Cloverdale in Saturday’s quarterfinal.

“We’ll regroup on Monday and look at some things and keep going,” Holmes said.

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  1. Arcata boys got smoked 8-0, that is not the kind of score that signals “competetive”.

    The level of play in northcoast HS soccer has been in decline since most fall teams in NCS switched back to winter league schedules.

    Too bad the H-DNL schools submarined the sport locally instead of strengthening the sport to get better collectively as a league of teams.

    Champions is “watered down” for Fall soccer, really means zilch when compared to how the process of change includes eliminating vastly better teams that leaves a mirage of victory left over for weaker teams whose schools know are not even close to being real champions.

    Woke Culture in schools to be winners more easily, like passing a failing student to uplift “feelings”.

    8-0, not a success story for Fall playoff soccer, and the winning team probably desired a bye after the slaughter-house final score.

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