POWER RANKINGS — Is a change at the top in the works?

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By Ray Hamill — There is no change at the top of this week’s Power Rankings, but there might be next week depending on how the game of the weekend goes down.

On Friday night, No. 1 Del Norte will host No. 2 St. Bernard’s in Crescent City in a game that will essentially decide the conference title.

If the Warriors win, they will move two wins ahead of the chasing pack with two games remaining and will be crowned co-champs at worst.

If the Crusaders win, however, then they will move into a tie with the Warriors atop the conference with two weeks remaining.

Both teams are coming off impressive road victories this past weekend, with SB winning at Fortuna and Del Norte winning at Eureka.

Fortuna, meanwhile, remains at No. 3 in this week’s Power Rankings, while Eureka stays put at No. 4 and Arcata at No. 5.

The Huskies and Loggers will meet on Friday night.

The Del Norte Warriors

Power Rankings

1 — Del Norte (3-0, 5-1)

Five straight wins for the Warriors, who are finding ways to win close games

2 — St. Bernard’s (2-1, 4-3)

The Crusaders have knocked off much bigger schools in back-to-back weeks

3 — Fortuna (1-2, 4-3)

It’s difficult to know what to expect week to week from the Huskies, but they have been fun to watch

4 — Eureka (0-3, 1-5)

The season hasn’t quite taken off yet for the Loggers, and they’re running out of time

5 — Arcata (3-0, 5-2)

The Tigers are the most entertaining team in the H-DNL this season

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  1. Arcata has 2 losses not one. Go look at the stats on on their losses. They were dominated and shutdown.They should not be in any ranking with the other 4 teams. Eureka could lose out and they would soundly beat Arcata. Arcata having 5 times the school size of their opponents that they beat… is nothing to be excited about. Politics among the local athletic directors put Saint Bernards in the Big 4 and Arcata in the Little 4. Arcata has 5 times the size school then Saint Bernards and were flat dominated.

  2. Another point is to call Arcata the “ most entertaining “? I am personally not entertained with Big School matching up against very small schools and thinking it’s entertaining to watch. Scoring multiple TD against inferior athletes due to school size? It’s such a mismatch it’s embarrassing. If Arcata did not play Saint Bernards this year…..your ranking might have them #1. Arcata could hardly get first downs against Saint Bernards and out scored by 48-12….now that was entertaining….watching a school 5 times smaller dominate the bigger hyped school.

    • Charles why all the anger? St. Bernard’s is at number 2 in the rankings and Arcata is number 5. And SB dominated Arcata when they played. Don’t you think these rankings are pretty spot on?

  3. Allan,The point being is not anger, it’s just putting things in perspective. It’s should be a 4 team ranking. If in this example of Eureka could possibly being leapfrogged or any big four team by Arcata is absurd. It’s Apple to Orange with the Little four to the Big four. Although the other point is why the two divisions are locally voted in such a political way to force smaller schools to play larger schools. How is that even conceivable? Have you seen the size in numbers let alone the size of athletes? It’s actually a danger to the young men. Explain your thoughts on that would be appreciated. I am trying to understand how the health of the boys should be compromised. Any points you could enlighten myself would be also appreciated. Maybe there’s much I am not aware of.

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