Two recent Crabs players drafted by the Baltimore Orioles


Fresno State Athletics

By Ray Hamill — Two former Humboldt Crabs players were drafted by the Baltimore Orioles this week.

Infielder Ryan Higgins, who played for the team in 2019, was taken in the ninth round, while 2018 Crabs pitcher Alex Pham was taken in the 19th round.

“I’m real happy for those two guys, but not surprised to see them get drafted,” Crabs manager Robin Guiver said, adding that both players have the “God-given talent and work ethic” to succeed.

Higgins played third base for the Crabs and is coming off a big junior season at Fresno State, where he hit .352 with 11 home runs in the clean-up spot.

Higgins was coming off an injury when he played for the Crabs two summers ago, and it took him a few weeks to get going. But when he did he impressed the coaching staff.

“He wasn’t 100 percent when he got to us, but he finished the season real strong,” Guiver said. “He’s a plus, plus hitter. I’m not surprised to see him get drafted. And getting drafted in the top 10 is pretty good.”

Pham, meanwhile, was a strike-throwing machine for the Arcata-based club the previous summer.

“He’s one of the best strike-throwing pitchers I’ve ever ever had,” Guiver said. “He had a four-pitch repertoire and he threw a ton of strikes.”

University of San Francisco Athletics

The right-handed pitcher, who was a junior at the University of San Francisco this year, threw in the low 90s for the Crabs and in the mid 90s in college.

“He’s very focused, very hard working,” Guiver said. “He’s a very strong player, and a mentally strong pitcher that just battles. He was a workhorse for us.”

The Crabs, who are 23-5, will play the Payson Cowboys in the second game of a midweek series on Wednesday night at 7 p.m.

The Crabs defeated the Cowboys 10-3 on Tuesday.


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