Kentucky bill offers lifeline for students and athletes


By Ray Hamill — The Kentucky State Senate on Tuesday unanimously approved legislation that would allow students remain in school for an extra year after the disruption caused by the pandemic.

And that would give high school student athletes a fifth year of eligibility in sports.

The bill, which must still clear the state House, would grant a “supplemental school year” for K-12 students to retake or supplement courses, and comes in response to the concerns and struggles many students have experienced with virtual learning.

The idea has received widespread and bipartisan support in the Kentucky Senate, which approved the bill by a vote of 36-0.

Senior student athletes who wish to continue to compete in sports would have to meet certain age requirements.

The issue, of course, begs a ton of questions.

According to an Associated Press report, if the bill becomes law, students would have until May 1 to request a supplemental year, with local school boards then having to decide to accept all or none of the requests by the beginning of June.

Would that be a good idea here on the North Coast?

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  1. This is needed for the ones that qualifies after a review. If the student was failing and can’t qualify to continue at the school in 2020-2021 school year? It’s a no brainer as long as they meet age requirements as well as have the backing from the school. Let’s face it, school lock downs have been hardest on the least privileged kids.

    • I would add it would only be fair to see these requirements before I would agree. In my opinion it should not be Seniors only. It should be failing students that have not had failing history. The superintendents throughout the state would be able to evaluate these requirements and who fits. Even if each individual has a proposed hearing.
      If we are talking sports……then a age requirement has to be determined as well. I don’t want to see 19 year olds playing high school sports.
      This state has under privileged kids that We’re more affected than others …….. my child was not one of them. I’m in support for the education purposes more than sports related.

      • Currently the CIF allows 19 year-olds to play high school sports as long as they turn 19 after June 15th before the start of their senior year. This is even before the pandemic. It happens in towns all over California but not on the North Coast. Two years ago there was a school out of the Sacramento area that beat Pacific Union 8th grade boys for AAA Jaycees basketball tournament. The team had 2 twin brothers who were 15 year old 8th graders. They will be 19 year seniors. It’s actually common and I hate to see it as well but the CIF allows it

  2. Imagine the effect on next years seniors and juniors who had plans on being varsity players. Now they would compete with older players. Competing for limited roster spots. Creating a problem as a result of the problem previously created by the selfishness of the educational system

    • Imagine the effect on the Classes of 2020 and 2021 who will all be college freshman at the same time competing for limited roster spots. As well as competing against much older college seniors who should’ve graduated college in 2021 but the NCAA is giving them an extra year of eligibility.

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