Deadline passes with no update from CDPH

By Ray Hamill — High school athletes and sports fans throughout the state remain in limbo after the California Department of Public Health failed to re-address the proposed January return date on Monday.

The most recent CDPH guidelines for youth sports were released in mid-December, with a return to competition tentatively set for Jan. 25 at the earliest.

The CDPH said that date would be re-addressed by Jan. 4 (Monday), but as of Tuesday afternoon there has been no update announced.

According to the most recent guidelines, various sports would be allowed to return to full competition as individual counties move from tier to tier, based on the level of contact in each sport.

The guidelines allow for low-contact outdoor sports such as tennis, golf and cross country to compete even within the most restricted tier, once an official return date is finalized.

Currently Humboldt County is in the red or second most restricted of the four tiers, which would also allow for moderate-contact outdoor sports such as baseball and softball.

Any possible return, however, remains on hold until an official update is released by the CDPH.

The situation remains a controversial one with several states having returned to full competition months ago.

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