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EDITORIAL — Cosce brothers no longer Humboldt’s best kept secret


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By Ray Hamill — The Lost Boys are gradually finding their way, maneuvering toward the summit, patiently and precisely with each devastating blow.

It hasn’t been an easy path for the Cosce brothers, one draped in sacrifice, hard work and a necessary self-belief second to none, but then again nothing this worthwhile in life ever is easy.

And now, as they approach their prime fighting age, the summit at least is in clear view for Humboldt County’s dynamic MMA duo, and the opportunities ahead as real as they come.

This past week, Orion and Louis were officially invited to fight in this summer’s Dana White Contender Series in Las Vegas, with a UFC contract up for grabs.

Yes, a UFC contract, and it doesn’t get any bigger in the sport than that.

It is, as the brothers’ long-time trainer Brian Wilson said, something they have each been dreaming of since they were kids.

“Everyone who fights dreams of fighting in front of Dana White and the UFC, and they get the opportunity to do that,” said Wilson, who owns the Lost Boys gym in Arcata, where both of the brothers have trained. “This is everything they have dreamed of since they were kids.”

Destined for greatness

The invite comes as no surprise to Wilson, who also promotes the very successful Bear River Fight Nights and knows the local MMA scene as well as anyone.

Along with many of the Cosces’ inner circle, he has been saying for years that the two former Hoopa High wrestlers are destined to be hugely successful, believing they can scale the lofty heights of the UFC.

The only reason the rest of world has been unaware of this is the limited opportunities for the brothers over the past few years, with Wilson claiming opponents have been afraid to fight the up-and-coming local stars.


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On the occasions they have fought — with Wilson flying in faraway fighters at times just to fill the void — they have dispatched of their opponents with an overwhelming decisiveness that backs Wilson’s unwavering belief in them.

Both are 6-0, and both have dominated on the way there.

Louis, nicknamed “The Monster,” has lived up to that particular billing on more than one occasion, ending all six of his pro fights in the opening round, including two in the opening seconds.

His eight-second demolishing of Sirgregory McCowan at Bear River in May of last year is surely the most devastating the local casino has ever witnessed, and one that won’t easily be forgotten by those who were in attendance, as long as they didn’t look away for a second.

Just as impressive

Orion, nicknamed “Galaxy,” has been just as impressive on his way to a perfect 6-0 mark.

His most recent win came against a formidable Wally Wester at the Bear River Casino in January of this year, with a third-round TKO in what his trainer said was his biggest test yet.

Afterwards, Wilson suggested it might be the last time local fans get to see either of the Cosce brothers fight on the North Coast.

“They’re the best fighters in the area, and two or three years from now they’re going to be among the best fighters in the world,” he said at the time. “We’ve been treated getting to witness them here.”

We have indeed, and now that they’re on Dana White’s radar, it would appear the rest of the MMA world is about to be treated as well.

The Cosce brothers are no longer Humboldt County’s best kept secret.

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