Humboldt B52s make a call on their season


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By Ray Hamill — The Humboldt B52s have announced the cancelation of the 2020 summer season due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

The decision was made at a recent board meeting, one month ahead of the scheduled season opener.

According to board member Spencer Duggan, the “decision was made in the best interest of the players, fans and their families.”

With many of the players and opposing teams coming from out of the area, the logistics seemed too much to overcome.

Duggan, who also serves as the club’s chief recruiter, called many of the players over the past few days to break the news.

“I called 20 plus guys to let them know it wasn’t happening, which was harder than I thought it would be,” he said.

Two of teams on this year’s scheduled — the Redding Colt 45’s and PUF Caps — had already canceled their season, eliminating nine games from the B52s schedule.

The decision, however, doesn’t mean there won’t be any B52s games this summer, and Duggan insists there are enough local players for him to put together a team for a game or two against either the Humboldt Crabs or Humboldt Eagles, if those teams play their seasons.

“We could possibly throw together a sandlot B52s team to play a game or two,” he said.

The Humboldt Crabs have not yet canceled their season, and could conceivably still play a shortened campaign, perhaps in July, if they’re not able to go in June.

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