Stay positive Humboldt, things will get better


Ray Hamill/ – McKinleyville’s Corbin Eichin is congratulated by teammates after hitting a home run last month before the season was shut down.

By Ray Hamill — The H-DNL got the news no one wanted but everyone expected this week, with the announcement that all section and state spring sport playoff events have been canceled for 2020.

The CIF made the decision on Friday afternoon, all but ending any hope of seeing any high school sports for the remainder of the school year.

“It’s very disappointing,” Fortuna track and field coach Josh Quintal said. “For the seniors who have been working so hard for multiple years, to have it end like this sucks. But there’s nothing you can do about it.”

The H-DNL could conceivably still hold regular season sporting events this spring, but would only do so if the local schools re-open their doors, which would appear unlikely with the Eureka City Schools having already voted on Thursday to keep their campuses closed through the school year.

So that essentially now means no spring sports.

No Big 5 in baseball or softball, no Little 4, no track and field championships, no boys tennis or golf, and no senior sports memories for numerous student athletes here on the North Coast who were eagerly anticipating the gratification of one final season.

It’s particularly devastating for the one-sport seniors, those who have put all their preparation and hard work into one season only to see it taken away for reasons beyond their control.

At a time like this, however, it is important to remain positive in the face of the disappointment.

Losing a season is not a matter of life or death, whereas sacrificing one is, literally, and ultimately that’s why the decision was made.

It’s also important to remember that all of this will pass. It’s about the only certainty we can cling to right now.

At some stage we will return to the fields of competition, and bask in the glorious atmosphere of community sports, quite probably embracing it all that little bit more than before.

Until then, stay positive Humboldt.

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