Big decision looming for CIF on Tuesday


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By Ray Hamill — The CIF section commissioners will meet on Tuesday to discuss the possible impact of COVID-19 on high school spring sports.

According to a press release from the CIF on Friday, “While schools and school districts have authority over the scheduling and rescheduling of regular-season contests, the Sections and the State Office will discuss how recent school closures and school district’s postponement of their spring sports may impact post-season events.”

There is a growing sense that all sports will be suspended for at least a few weeks, which would appear to be the sensible thing to do.

But here’s hoping we don’t see entire seasons cancelled, unless we absolutely have to, and at this stage it’s way too early to suggest that’s the case.

In fact, there’s every reason to believe that the situation regarding COVID-19 will see dramatic improvement within the next month, judging by the diminishing number of cases in China for several weeks now, according to

And that gives us every reason to hope we can be back on the fields of competition by the middle of April.

Of course, that still will have an effect on all scheduling, but it should also give us ample time to fit in at the very least a shortened season in all sports.

It would give us more than a month before the NCS baseball and softball seedings meeting on May 17, with the playoff games set to get under way two days later.

I’m not sure what the NCS scheduling is like, but there may also be the possibility of pushing that back a week, or even two.

It’s not a lot of time, but I’m pretty sure every student athlete in Humboldt County and beyond would take an abbreviated season over none at all.

While the nation’s health is clearly the most important issue here, let’s not forget how many student athletes have worked hard for this moment, and while the NCAA can offer an extra year of eligibility to their athletes effected by this, there is no extra year of eligibility for high school seniors.

Fortuna baseball head coach Andrew Olsen put it best when he said, “We want to play, but with the virus issue out there, if it’s in the best interest not to play then that’s what we’ll do.” 

On Tuesday we’ll find out more.

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