HUMBOLDT SPORTS TALK — A new sports podcast for the North Coast

Ray Hamill/ – St. Bernard’s and Ferndale are among the teams we discuss as we break down the NCS playoffs in this week’s Humboldt Sports Talk podcast.

By Ray Hamill — Welcome to a new podcast for local sports on the North Coast, Humboldt Sports Talk.

The show is produced by former Humboldt State Assistant Athletic Director Andrew Goetzin partnership with Humboldt Sports, and will focus exclusively on local sports.

Each week we’ll feature interviews with local sports figures, as well as bring you all the up-to-date sports news and analysis of the top stories of the week.

We’ll also feature weekly shoutouts to local athletes or coaches who we feel deserve a special mention.


On this week’s show

Tag Wotherspoon joins us to break down the NCS football playoffs, as well as taking a look back at a big week for local teams in NCS soccer, and Andrew interviews former HSU running back Ja’quan Gardner who will play in the new XFL next year.

We also talk about Alex Cappa’s emerging NFL career and give our take on whether or not we’ll ever see Humboldt State football again.

Our weekly shoutouts feature one of the great all-time HSU coaches, a soccer player whose hard work paid off big time this week, some H-DNL cross country, and four local surfers who had a bigger impact on our local community than anyone else this week.

You’llhave  to excuse the poor quality of Andrew’s interview with Ja’quan, we’re still working out some kinks and we promise we will get better.

If you’re interested in sponsoring Humboldt Sports Talk, or would like to advertise with us, or if you just  want to give us some feedback on what you’d like to hear on our show, email us at

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