JV soccer returns to the North Coast

In what many local coaches hope is a sign of things to come, JV boys soccer returned to the North Coast on Monday, when Fortuna played McKinleyville.

The Panthers won the game 3-2, but more importantly the occasion gave some of the younger local high school players some valuable game time.

And that’s important in helping develop the local programs.

“We’re trying to get the JVs going again,” Fortuna head coach Daniel Holmes said. “It’s only going to benefit all of us.”

Two of the smaller schools in the area, Ferndale and Hoopa, don’t have the numbers to field even a varsity team in either boys or girls soccer this year, but some of the Big 5 schools appear to have the numbers to field JV programs in addition to their varsity teams, provided they can get the funding necessary.

It’s been roughly seven years since there were local JV games.

Fortuna girls head coach Kathleen Lynch, who has been coaching high school soccer for 22 seasons, says she is hoping to see some JV girls games in the near future and believes it’s something they could do.

Eureka, Arcata, McKinleyville and Fortuna have all talked about participating.

“That was a cool moment,” Holmes said of Monday’s game. “McKinleyville coach Ryne Deppe helped put that together.”

The two programs are hoping to play again this season, although it appears at this stage they will be the only two schools to compete at that level for now.

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  1. The school should be responsible for recruiting new referees as well!

    If not then the school should be paying more for talent searches… it does no good to have a junior varsity program if you can’t have three referees reffing the game the correct way to provide safety and Public Health, not to mention a properly refereed match that allows the student-athletes the highest of opportunities to learn the game and to play the game and be publicly educated about the game as well as to critique the officials to show when the student athlete is actually in the right and the referee is in the wrong it’s beautiful stuff this equality in America…

  2. When you read about coaches whining about their teams play and selfishness of certain individuals it begs the question as to whether or not the coach has more or less power with problem players…

    … if Varsity doesn’t have 22 players or more then it’s not worth having a junior varsity…

    … when players need to be removed from the field of play by their coaching staff for disciplinary actions then you need to have capable players on the bench… the younger that player is on a varsity program, the better… get them caught up to speed on how to play the game…

    It’s about building a program not a year-to-year luck of the draw…

    … junior varsity is only beneficial if there’s too many student-athletes vying for limited positions on varsity…

    22+ or BUST…

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