VIDEO — Officials get crucial call right at Eureka game

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Ray Hamill/ – Eureka quarterback Trevor Bell.

By Ray Hamill — The officials at Albee Stadium on Friday night got a tough call right at a crucial stage of an exciting encounter between Eureka and Placer.

The season opener between two top programs wasn’t decided until late, with the visiting Hillmen pulling out a 40-27 win in a game that came alive in the second half with seven consecutive possessions resulting in touchdowns.

There were several impressive performances on the night, none more so than the officials, who nailed a difficult call late in the game with the outcome hanging in the balance.

On what was one of the highlight plays of the game, Eureka quarterback Trevor Bell tossed the ball to receiver Josiah Graham on a reverse, before he threw to teammate Chase ‘Biscuit” Steubing in the end zone.

The junior tight end made a leaping catch for what appeared to be a touchdown, but there was some immediate uncertainty as to whether Steubing’s foot had landed in bounds.

The officials took a few seconds to discuss the play, while the home crowd waited nervously on the call, before the touchdown was awarded.

Unlike the NFL, in high school football only one of the receiver’s feet has to land in bounds, and video footage of the play shows the officials clearly made the right call.

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Eureka’s Mengka Vang added the PAT to tie the game at 27-27.

Unfortunately for the Loggers, the Hillmen responded with a pair of late TDs to pull out the dramatic win, but that doesn’t take from what was a good night for the officials, who don’t always get the recognition for the job they do.

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