Community shows support for St. Bernard’s coach


Ray Hamill/ – St. Bernard’s head coach Steve Thrap looks on during a recent game.

By Ray Hamill — St. Bernard’s boys basketball head coach Steve Thrap admits he has been overwhelmed by the community support he has been shown over the past 24 hours.

Early on Thursday, Thrap was placed on administrative leave by the school after reportedly using what was deemed inappropriate language during a recent game.

The school would not comment on the issue because it is a personnel matter, but several former players and community members have been in contact with the coach to show their support.

“I just want to say publicly that the support and love from the community has been overwhelming and very heartwarming,” Thrap said. “Sometimes you never know how many lives you’ve touched until something like this happens, unfortunately.”

Thrap, who has coached the team since 2007, also apologized for his actions.

“I would also like to say that I apologize to anyone who heard my comments and was offended by them. It was the heat of battle and I made a mistake and used inappropriate language.”

St. Bernard’s Athletic Director Ryan Bisio will take over head coaching duties for Friday night’s game at Hoopa Valley.

There is no official word yet on who will coach the team during next week’s Dick Niclai Memorial Tournament and going forward.

Thrap, one of the longest serving and most respected local high school coaches, led the team to four consecutive championships over the past four seasons.

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  1. I feel that all sports teams should be aknowledged for there athletic accomplishnents regardless of their age or grade level. My granddaughter is a freshman at Fortuna High. They have a undefeated season often scoring 40 to 60 points per game. To date these girls have received not one acknowledgement or ackolaid for such a great accomplishment for a great team. I strongly feel they deserve their just rewards and aknowledgements. Thank you

    • How many times have you reported the score to Ray? Did you write a brief recap and post it. If you don’t do something for yourself don’t talk about another. Especially Ray when he is doing better than any news source on local scene. Good job Ray!!

    • Ray acknowledged the girls in a previous write up…a stellar reporter of sports…all hale Ray…

  2. Come on St. Bernard’s! So he said a few bad words, who hasn’t. He realizes his mistake and has apologized. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

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