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Former CR, HSU coach arrested for a second time in three weeks

As the Humboldt State men’s basketball team continues to make news this season for all the right reasons, a couple of their former players continue to make them for the wrong reasons.

Former Lumberjack Aaron Hungerford, who also served as an assistant coach with the program and as a head coach at College of the Redwoods up until recently, was arrested for the second time in less than three weeks on Thursday night on a charge of domestic violence.

Hungerford was also arrested on Christmas Eve and charged with suspicion of driving under the influence, three days before he was let go as head coach of the CR men’s team.

And he’s not the only former Lumberjack recently in trouble with the law.

Another former HSU player and assistant coach, Cy Vandermeer, was arrested in McKinleyville late last month and charged with possession of stolen property and narcotics.

Vandemeer has also served as Athletic Director at St. Bernard’s.

Hungerford spoke to Humboldt Sports last week, admitting his actions on Christmas Eve were stupid, while issuing a public apology to his family, his players and the school.


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  1. Wait folks for the facts!

    Don’t prejudge because often, Sheriff reports are falsified and the accuser is lying!

    Being falsely accused is defamation of character slander and libel by the Accuser and let’s hope the arresting officer wasn’t playing games of politics him or herself…

    … and if it is all untrue don’t expect this guy to go to court after the people that falsely accuse because it’s just way too much money to give a better life to an attorney who is not going to do the job anyways and if the DA isn’t charging because the DA knows the facts don’t fit what’s the point at that point…

    DUI is confirmable easily by a test criterium…

    …Hearsay, he said she said, lying… not so much…

    Henchy knows a thing or two about being falsely arrested… and pinned with The Scarlet Letter… more than once because that’s how much henchy is feared by those in the position of power and control… and despised… all because henchy was abused and complained about it and continued to complain about it and is still continuing to complain about it to this day until people open their eyes to these abuses that occur in Humboldt County… fake reports, fake information being provided to peace officers that then go into police reports that are fabricated by some officers of the law who already have it out for the person or people in the report… see how that works folks…

    … so for this guy wait for the facts from a trial of the charges from the District Attorney’s office… let the District Attorney’s Office call BS or not… when the DA don’t file that’s not good for whoever the officer was that wrote the report and that’s not good for the accuser who’s in the report…

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