Loggers win NCS coin toss


By Ray Hamill — The Eureka Loggers are moving on.

On Sunday morning, the Loggers won the coin toss to move on to the CIF regional game next weekend, giving them a shot at qualifying for a state championship game in two weeks.

The Loggers are 12-0 on the season and defeated Las Lomas in the NCS Division-III semifinal on Saturday night, but had their fate decided on a coin flip early Sunday after Cardinal Newman opted not to play the NCS championship game.

The Loggers could also now host next weekend’s game.

NorCal matchups will be announced later on Sunday.

More to follow …

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  1. A home game would be epic… can’t ever think of a CIF Regional game ever being played in Albee Stadium… but with the way high school sports is ran by North Coast Section 8 gomers… all the wishy washy anus heads, it’s hard to keep track …

  2. For a religious school that Cardinal Newman is that wasn’t very saintly now was it for them not to want to play the game… bunch of zealots…never a compromise!

    • And to boot it’s a private religious school where the parents pay pretty big bucks to have their kids attend but they didn’t want to spend the money to play a championship game, jump back!

  3. Cardinal Newman opted for the coin flip because they knew a 50/50 coin flip was much better odds than playing Eureka.

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