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Moulton closing in on another title

6O3A7156 copyBy Ray Hamill … Mic Moulton has been around the Redwood Acres Raceway long enough to know the race is far from won just yet, but this weekend he’ll be looking to move one step closer to what would be a remarkable achievement for the local racing star.

With two events remaining on the schedule, the Eureka driver is on the verge of a fifth Late Models season championship, including his third straight.

He currently holds a slender 12-point lead over David Henderson, and he knows any little mistake at this stage could prove costly.

“We have to stay in our game plan and keep doing what we’re doing, because it’s worked well so far,” he said. “We can’t let up. We have to keep trying hard in qualifying, and we can’t be lazy in the heat races, because there’s so many points involved.”

Moulton has dominated the main events this season, winning all but one, but Henderson has been right there behind him all the way, every bit as consistent and remaining well within striking range.


Ray Hamill/ … The Mid-City Motor World Late Models line up for a recent race at the Redwood Acres Raceway.

The two drivers share a similar style in the versatile Mid-City Motor World Late Models division, with a steady, consistent approach to the races, and they remain good friends off the track.

Henderson even filled in for Moulton two years back when an injury prevented him from racing, helping him win the season championship.

“David’s almost like a teammate to us,” Moulton said. “He runs a lot of the same set-up and we work a lot together. We have similar driving styles.”

Mid-City Motor World Late Models Points Standings

  1. Mic Moulton (215)
  2. David Henderson -12
  3. Dane Nissen -66
  4. Kenny Demello -97
  5. Marty Walsh -101
  6. Scott Baker -119
  7. Brandon White -131
  8. Luke Hall -140
  9. George Young -148
  10. Brandon Ash -150

Moulton has been coming to the local track since he was two-years-old, first attending with his parents and grandparents, and he has been racing there since he was a senior at Eureka High back in the early 90s.

He got into the sport at a young age, growing up idolizing local legends like Jim Walker, Larry Pries and Randy Olson, and he remembers marveling at the sight of Vic Blanc’s car parked across the street from his grandparents’ house on a Sunday morning, “with all the dirt falling off it.”

In his own words, Moulton is a lifelong racing fan, although he admits there was a time he wasn’t such a big fan of the Redwood Acres Raceway and the people running it.

“I really, really loved the race track,” he said. “But when they paved it in 1988 I actually got mad at them and I didn’t go back for a couple of years.”


Ray Hamill/ … Mic Moulton (10) leads David Henderson (2) by just 12 points heading into the last two events of the season.

As a teenager at Eureka High, Moulton’s love for the sport grew to new levels under the guidance of the legendary Larry Hansen, who ran the school’s auto shop and gave his students invaluable experience as a part of his weekend crew for races all over the West Coast.

It was in Hansen’s class that Moulton built his first Mini Stock car, which he raced at the Redwood Acres.

He won his first championship at the Acres fresh out of high school in 1995 in the Mini Stock division.

In the late 90s Moulton switched to the Late Models and competed throughout California, Nevada and Oregon every summer, before committing himself full-time to the Redwood Acres season in 2010.

And it didn’t take Moulton long to leave his mark at the local raceway, winning the Late Models season championship that year.

Five years ago, however, Moulton made a switch that would take his career at the local track to a whole new level and a move that would cement his legacy as one of the finest drivers the raceway has seen in recent times.


Ray Hamill/ … Moulton says his pit crew plays a huge role in his success.

In 2013, he joined forces with car owner and crew chief Bill Walters, and it’s a partnership that has been paying huge dividends ever since.

Together that have already secured three championships in four seasons, and they will be looking to make it four in five years this summer.

It’s also a partnership that Moulton appreciates.

“It’s such a team sport and most people don’t realize that,” he said. “We teamed up five years ago and ran some races and had some success and we’ve been together ever since.”

His crew also includes Darren Toland, who previously worked with Randy Olson for several years, and Dave Valadao.

Further establishing the racing background in his life, Moulton’s wife Julia is a nephew of Vic Blanc, whose car “with all the dirt falling off it” inspired Mic when he was growing up.

And the tradition looks likely to continue, with Moulton’s five-year-old son Jack also a big racing fan and eager to begin his go-kart career.

Fans can meet Mic Moulton at the local raceway Saturday on Drivers Appreciation Night, with a meet and greet from 5-6:30 p.m. out on the track front straightway.

The racing gets under way afterwards, with Moulton turning his attention back to Henderson and the races for the championship..

A title would be Moulton’s sixth at the Acres in total, and you get the feeling he’s not done yet.


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