Corsairs pay tribute to talented group of graduating sophomores

It’s been an impressive year for College of the Redwoods sports with multiple championships won, but that success is just half the story.

This past weekend, 35 student-athletes graduated the local community college, and Athletic Director Bob Brown paid tribute to the group.

“We are extremely proud of all the accomplishments of these graduates both athletically and academically,” Brown said. “This distinguished group of individuals demonstrated persistence and excellence throughout their time at CR and several of them in multiple sports.”

This past year, the Corsairs won conference titles in women’s cross county, men’s basketball and women’s track and field, while also fielding very competitive teams in football, softball, men’s cross country and men’s track and field.

The excitement continues to build around CR sports, with the recent addition of a women’s tennis team and the upcoming addition of men’s and women’s wrestling programs.

And that should mean continued success for the CR student-athletes on the field of competition and in the classroom.

“We anticipate this list to continue to grow with the addition of many of our football players competing this next fall in the sophomore seasons and the continued growth of the department with the recent addition of men’s and women’s wrestling,” Brown said.

Eight of this year’s graduates competed in multiple sports this year, including two — Kallie Schoenbachler and Addi Slaybaugh — who competed in three.

College of the Redwoods Athletics 2023 Graduates

Blake Bacho (Baseball)

Joseph Quen (Football and Baseball)

Ashley Ballew (Softball)

Geovaney Ramirez (Soccer)

Gracie Betts (Basketball)

Kallie Schoenbachler (Volleyball, Basketball and Track and Field)

Kristin Bonomini (Track and Field and Cross Country)

Addi Slaybaugh (Volleyball, Basketball and Track and Field)

Zach Cole (Baseball)

Alexander Sorensen (Baseball)

Kylee Dewey (Softball)

Dax Smith (Baseball)

Hance Bolanos Escobar (Track and Field)

Kendall Stewart (Basketball)

Matteo Hamm (Baseball)

Ty Teruya (Baseball)

Sadie Hampton (Softball)

Rachel Valdez (Basketball)

Chance Hefter (Track and Field)

Wyatt Wheetley (Track and Field and Cross Country)

Sarah Hohman (Soccer)

Sadie Wilkinson (Softball)

Shadd Jones (Baseball)

Nathan Witte (Track and Field)

Cristian Katnik (Baseball)

Sativa Younge (Soccer and Track and Field)                

Alexee Kline (Track and Field)

Zoe Zerlang (Volleyball)

Grant Lesserre (Baseball)

Brendan Lewis (Track and Field and Cross Country)

Daegan McClary (Football and Track and Field)

Jon Nchekwube (Basketball)

Regan Nyberg (Baseball)

Jasmine Pearson (Tennis)

Kyla Pontoni (Softball)

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