Norwood out as head coach at Cal Poly Humboldt

Cal Poly Humboldt Athletics

Cal Poly Humboldt has announced that men’s basketball head coach Tae Norwood has been let go and will not be returning to the team for the 2023/24 season.

Norwood came under fire in March after being accused by several players of mistreating them during the past season, while breaking NCAA practice rules.

At the time, the local university announced it was broadening its investigation into the allegations and hiring an outside firm to begin an independent investigation.

Norwood was hired in the summer of 2020 to replace the departed Steve Kinder and his tenure in charge of the Jacks got off to controversial start.

A few months later he was pulled over by CHP officers on the suspicion of driving under the influence and temporarily stepped away from the program.

During his three seasons in charge, Norwood’s teams had a combined record of 28-36.

According to a very brief press release announcing the decision to part ways with the coach, Cal Poly Humboldt said the “recent investigation of men’s basketball is ongoing.”

The Jacks will begin a national search for a new head coach.

“Lumberjack basketball has a tradition of success as well as strong involvement by alumni and the community,” the press release said. “Humboldt is committed to recruiting a coach who can continue that legacy.”

Cal Poly Humboldt Athletics

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  1. Figured that this would occur before the investigation was completed and before any verifiable evidence was released… if at all…

    … and the accusations went back farther than this past season… of course, the players waited until the season was over instead of quitting the team when the so-called abuse occured…

    …kids in junior high quit sports teams, won’t play for coaches that abuse them psychologically… takes character to quit when the going gets abusive…

    …still waiting for hard evidence of misconduct, as heresay and he said he said is not convincing…

    …the way it reads, it seems these players allegations are of a situation worse than the wheelchair access lawsuit Cal Poly just got handed… which is ironic since the campus is so hilly and has been in operation for decades without major access issues complaints… unless they were buried somewhere.

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