NCS SOCCER — Big 4 teams to face off in Division-1 semifinals

Photo by Cherie Fry Circe – The McKinleyville girls celebrate their playoff win at Middletown on Saturday.

By Ray Hamill — The H-DNL is guaranteed a sweep of the North Coast Section titles in fall girls soccer for the second straight year.

Just one day after St. Bernard’s won their third straight Division-3 section crown, a quartet of H-DNL teams qualified for the Division-1 semifinals, meaning the championship will be staying in Humboldt County.

Even more impressive, all four of them won their respective games with a shutout.

On Friday night, the No. 1 seeded Eureka girls defeated Del Norte 10-0 in their quarterfinal.

On Saturday afternoon, the No. 3 seeded Arcata girls defeated Clear Lake 6-0.

On Saturday night, the Fortuna Huskies, who are seeded No. 7, knocked off No. 2 Credo on the road by a score of 5-0, while the No. 5 McKinleyville Panthers won 2-0 at No. 4 Middletown.

Those results set up a pair of all-local semifinals on Wednesday.

The Loggers will host McKinleyville at 7 p.m., while a time and location has yet to be finalized for the Arcata/Fortuna showdown.

The Loggers are the defending NCS champions.

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  1. Fortuna throttles Credo. Credo a victim of Woke California educators…rated #2 while Fortuna is #7…

    NCS is fabricating WOKE CULTURE seeds so the Credo club feels better, gets a home game so it does not have to travel as the lower seed…

    …and, if the claim is that Credo is a league champion, then that throws logic under the bus to have watered down league champions losing to lower seeded teams in a shutout, at home, by 5 goals…

    …growing up, the talk was how much H-DNL schools hated soccer as a sport come playoffs…the evidence exists to substantiate the decades old allegation… including this most recent rendition of WOKE “winning now in the Fall season or else attitude”…knowing the winners are really not winning anything at all… but hey, let the big-head educators prevail and think they were worthy…

  2. All local, that is why Fall soccer is part of the woke educators’ NCS curriculum… locals are winning nothing real when the competition level is junior high school at best…

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