Updates on cancelations and what games are still going ahead

Ray Hamill/ – Sam Trewartha and the Arcata Tigers will host the Del Norte Warriors on Thursday.

By Ray Hamill — COVID protocols continue to adversely affect the local high school basketball season, with several games postponed this week, including a couple of big matchups that had been scheduled for Thursday night.

The boys teams appear to be more heavily affected, with more than half of this week’s H-DNL games pushed back to a later date.

Thursday’s scheduled clash between the Eureka and McKinleyville boys has been postponed until Saturday, Jan. 22, becoming the second game for both teams to be called this week alone.

Fresh off their big win over St. Bernard’s last week, the Hoopa Warriors also have been forced to postpone Thursday’s Little 4 game at South Fork .

No word yet on any make-up date for that game.

The good news is that the highly-anticipated boys game at Arcata High between the Tigers and Del Norte is going ahead on Thursday night in a showdown that could go a long way towards deciding this year’s league title.

Thursday’s scheduled Little 4 game between St. Bernard’s and Ferndale at Ferndale is also still on.

Two scheduled girls games are still going ahead on Wednesday night, with Arcata playing at Eureka and Del Norte traveling to Fortuna.

Friday night’s Eureka and McKinleyville girls game, however, has been postponed, with a make-up day yet to be finalized.

All four local college teams will return to action on Thursday night after seeing multiple games postponed last week.

The College of the Redwoods men’s and women’s teams will play at Butte, while both Humboldt State teams will host Cal State San Bernardino at Lumberjack Arena.

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  1. Remember the time the great Micheal Jordan had a game in the playoffs and he dug deep and played in the game and went off for like 62 points. I’ve seen a documentary that included that situation and how courageous he was. Now we have kids that have no idea they even have a virus…..but test positive and they are at home watching their teams on live stream at best. NBA has crowds, NFL, UFC all adult sports. Adults who are much more at risk then any child.
    So WTF is gong on is just a shame to the youth. They are masked up in class unable to experience the growth and relationships that we Adults who had those experiences of growing up and bonding with our friends and creating who we are today. Punished to the max compared to any other level in sports. In my opinion abused by our political ding dong pricks like Newsome in this state. What a selfish bunch of adults we have in this state. Teachers unions line them up and smack the crap out of them. I stand for these kids. They will never have the great experiences of their youth as we did.
    Oh and back to the one of greatest athlete of our time MJ. I guess he was a selfish prick to expose himself to others with the virus that day. I say they need to pull his record setting day off the record. Hell take all his awards away that man was a”Domestic Terrorist” as some of these wackos are throwing out there. Bottom line if you are in favor of these rules set against the kids but not for us adults (bars, restaurants,concerts, pro sports, college sports) then Joe Biden needs to take you behind the wood shed and whoop your ass. You are disgusting individual.

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