All the H-DNL track and field championship medalists

Ray Hamill/ – Fortuna senior Bo Cox won three events and placed second in another at the league track championships on Saturday.

By Ray Hamill — The Fortuna boys and Eureka girls each comfortably won their respective team competitions at the H-DNL track and field championships at Fortuna on Saturday.

The Fortuna boys scored 174.33 points, well ahead of Eureka in second with 127.5, with Del Norte (112) in third.

In the girls team event, Eureka scored 171.5 points, followed by Fortuna (130.5) and Arcata (97).

Here is a complete list of all the individual medalists in order of one-two-three.


100m — Connor Pratt (Fo), Isaac Ward (M), Cayden Collings (Fe)

200m — Isaac Ward (M), Connor Pratt (Fo), Cayden Collings (Fe)

400m — Bo Cox (Fo), Emanual Nunez (DN), Levi Nyberg (Fo)

800m — Ian Bennett (E), Jude Ortega (A), Collin Stockwell (Fo)

1600m — Collin Stockwell (Fo), Ian Bennett (E), Jude Ortega (A)

3200m — Collin Stockwell (Fo), Ian Bennett (E), Thomas Becannon (E)

110m Hurdles — Nathaniel Spears (E), Nathan Witte (M), Isaak Kasso (Fe)

300m Hurdles — Nathaniel Spears (E), Noah Burg (DN), Jamie Ortiz (E)

4x100m Relay — RJ Rexford, Connor Pratt, Tai Bolden and Levi Nyberg (Fo)

4x400m Relay — Jayson Rodriguez, Cody Rheinschmidt, Isaac Ward and Nathan Witte (M)

Shot Put — Blane Winingham (DN), Peyton Swan (DN), Joseph Gonzalez (E)

Discus — Joseph Gonzalez (E), Kyland Minyard (DN), Keith Chitendon (Fo)

High Jump — Peyton Swan (DN), Russell Pascasio (Fo), Isaiha Sherman (DN)

Pole Vault — Bo Cox (Fo), Tai Bolden (Fo), Isaiha Sherman (DN)

Long Jump — Nathaniel Spears (E), Bo Cox (Fo), Cayden Collings (Fe)

Triple Jump — Bo Cox (Fo), Russell Pascasio (Fo), Cayden Collings (Fe)


100m — Soffia Reyes (M), Emily Pesch (E), Klayre Barres (E)

200m — Soffia Reyes (M), Klayre Barres (E), Tianna Thompson (DN)

400m — Klayre Barres (E), Tianna Thompson (DN), Lila Ekholdt (E)

800m — Mathilde Macdonald (A), Miriam Mende (E), Alyssa Huber (Fo)

1600m — Anneli Macdonald (A), Mathilde Macdonald (A), Soquel Macdonald (A)

3200m — Anneli Macdonald (A), Mathilde Macdonald (A), Soquel Macdonald (A)

100m Hurdles — Ginny Brooks (E), Mackenzie Bray (M), Seri Welsh (A)

300m Hurdles — Ginny Brooks (E), Mackenzie Bray (M), Alyssa McCovey (DN)

4x100m Relay — Ginny Brooks, Emily Pesch, Taziyah Harris and Klayre Barres (E)

4x400m Relay — Mackenzie Bray, Olivia Rink, Kathryn Tinney and Soffia Reyes (M)

Shot Put — Kalyssa Claros (M), Caleh King (DN), Alley Williams (E)

Discus — Lonna Torrez (Fo), Kalyssa Claros (M), Caleh King (DN)

High Jump — Skylar Little (Fo), Emily Pesch (E), Lily Sherman (DN)

Pole Vault — Teresa Martinez (DN), Chloe Cox (Fo), Alana Huber (Fo)

Long Jump — Ginny Brooks (E), Gianna Taylor (DN), Skylar Little (Fo)

Triple Jump — Claire Coleman (Fo), Skylar Little (Fo), Lily Sherman (DN)

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