Former coach returns to help out the Loggers

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By Ray Hamill — A familiar face has rejoined the Loggers for the upcoming football season, in what are unique circumstances this year.

It’s been all-go for the Eureka program and the rest of the H-DNL since the news a week ago that the state has approved a return, with most teams busy preparing for the season and getting ready to begin practice on Monday.

And when the Loggers get together for their first practice of the season, there will be an old friend back helping out, with long-time local football coach Garett Montana rejoining the staff as offensive coordinator.

Montana served as either head coach or offensive coordinator of the team for much of the past two decades, before stepping away at the end of the 2018 season.

He returns to fill the shoes of Mo Purify, who took over as offensive coordinator for the fall of 2020 but has since left the area.

His addition fills one of new head coach Andrew Haraldson’s big needs with a short window to prepare for the unique challenges of this year’s season.

“I’ve known Andrew since he was 14, and he would come over to my house to watch film,” said Montana, who coached Haraldson as a player. “He was my defensive captain. There’s no way I could have left him hanging. I would not have been able to rest easy if I didn’t help out.”

Haraldson is glad to have his former coach and all of his experience back on the sideline, especially in a season where coaching and preparation will be at a premium.

“He’s as good a coach as I’ve ever been around,” Haraldson said. “He’s as good as you get.”

The Loggers expect to have around 35 or so players on hand, and Montana believes they will all be extra motivated after everything they’ve been through with the uncertainty of the season over the past several months.

“Our seniors are so appreciative,” the offensive coordinator said. “How often in life do you have  something taken away that comes back. There’s something really fresh about it right now.”

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