CIF says athletes can now compete in more than one sport at the same time


By Ray Hamill — The California Interscholastic Federation announced on Wednesday morning that student athletes in California will now be permitted to play more than one sport within the same season, as well as being allowed to play club sports at the same time as high school sports, with the exception of football.

Last month, the CIF announced it was prohibiting student athletes from playing for multiple teams at the same time during the pandemic.

On Wednesday, however, they reversed that decision, citing a misinterpretation of the state guidelines.

“We have confirmed that their specific language regarding cohorting and multi-team participation is not a mandate, but a recommendation,” the CIF said in a statement.

That means that H-DNL athletes will no longer have to choose between different sports or teams this year.

The decision could be particularly key for a small schools league like the H-DNL, which features numerous multi-sport athletes and will likely have several sports competing simultaneously in what is expected to be a busy spring.

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