First results in as local youth cross country begins virtual season

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By Ray Hamill — The local youth cross country season is off and running, albeit with a different look this fall.

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, obviously there are no large gatherings allowed for sports at this time, but the Humboldt Redwoods Running Association for Youth (HRRAY) has found a way to hold a season nonetheless, hosting a number of virtual races.

The season began last week and will run until Halloween, with youth runners from transitional kindergarten all the way through eighth grade invited to run the courses with small groups of friends and family and record their times.

There are five races planned, and participants can run the courses at any time over a two-week period.

Each location has three courses, one for K through second grade (between a half mile and a mile), one for third through fifth grade (between a mile and a mile and a half), and one for sixth through eighth grade (between a mile and a half and two miles).

Each course is carefully marked.

The first location up and running is at Blue Lake — along the Powers Creek Trail and Mad River — which will continue until Saturday.

The other four courses featured are …

McKinleyville on the Hammond Trail, from September 27 to October 10.

Fortuna on the Riverwalk Trail from October 4 to October 17.

Eureka on the Hikshari Trail from October 11 to October 24.

Arcata on the Arcata Marsh from October 18 to October 31.

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At the end of each two-week period, awards and certificates will be handed out at the following locations:  Virgo Rising in Blue Lake, Ramone’s Bakery in McKinleyville, Shotz Coffee in Fortuna, Living the Dream Ice Cream in Eureka, and Redwood Yogurt in Arcata.

To find maps, instructions, results, pictures and other information, go to or visit the Six Rivers Running Club website at

The results below are for the first week on the Blue Lake course.

Kindergarten-second grade boys, Half Mile

1. Jose Ornelas                (1st) 3:34

2. Callum Macdonald (2nd)  3:46

3. Leo Macdonald  (K)    4:25

4. Calen Ponte      (2nd)  4:55

5. Westley Porter  (1st)    5:32

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Kindergarten-second grade girls, Half Mile

1. Kira Nicholls    (2nd)  3:18

2. Paisley Jackson           (2nd) 3:23

3. Josie Froisland    (2nd)  3:31    

4. Charlie Howes   (1st)   3:39

5. Grace Pinkerton (1st) 3:42

6. Audrey Pratt (1st)   3:47

7. Rylyn Froisland     (K)    3:51

8. Maddelyn Palmer (1st)  4:11

9. Audra Woolace    (2nd)  4:38

10. Stella Brents      (K)    4:40

11. Lydi Pratt             (TK)   4:49

12. Savannah Rousseau (TK) 5:30

13. McKenzie Ponte    (K)    5:48

14. Alice Woolace      (TK) 5:56

15. Maia Mager         (K)    6:47

16. Sequoia Elie     (TK) 6:47

Third-fifth grade boys, 1 Mile

1. Felix Felsenthal (5th) 7:07

2. Max Dixon (5th) 7:33

2. Cooper Hubbard    (5th)  7:42

3. Talan Howes         (4th)  8:18

4. Leo Dixon (3rd) 9:21

5. Jose Ornelas          (1st)   9:32

6. Colton Taylor         (5th)  9:46

7. Rees Nicholls          (4th)  9:49

8. Emmett Pratt          (4th)  10:20

9. Rowan Palmer        (3rd)  10:35

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Third-fifth grade girls,1 Mile

1. Lily Fensenthal (5th) 6:51

2. Adeline Woolace  (4th)  9:11

3. Shelby Ornelas   (3rd) 9:30

4. Sylvie Hunter       (5th)  9:40

5. Kjersti Macdonald (4th)  9:59

6. Quetzal Heacock   (3rd) 12:00

7. Arianna Porter   (5th) 12:06

8. Galexy Brents         (3rd) 15:22

Sixth-eighth grade boys,1.35 Miles

1. Luke Moxon            (8th)  7:36

2. Eoin McGoldrick       (6th)  9:27

3. Bowen Pratt             (7th) 9:52

4. John Adams            (7th)  10:29

5. Kai Macdonald        (7th)  10:56

6. Jack Dixon                   (8th) 11:50

7. Paul VandenBranden (8th) 11:56

8. Yogi Trieu                (7th)   12:27

Sixth-eighth grade girls, 1.35 Miles

1. Madison Trieu     (8th)   10:19

2. Vivian Adams   (5th)   11:24

3. Caitlin Taylor     (6th)   12:51

4. Lucy Misener        (6th)   13:01

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