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Both Cosce brothers pushing for a quick finish

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By Ray Hamill — With their big fights on the Dana White Contender Series now just a few days away, Orion and Louis Cosce have been busy on the media circuit, and clearly enjoying the buildup.

Both were interviewed this week on different YouTube MMA podcasts, giving an insight into how preparations are going, what the opportunity means to them and how they expect the fights to go.

Orion, who will matchup against Matt Dixon, appeared on Overtime Heroics, while Louis, who fights Victor Reyna, was a guest on Kumite TV.

Both fights will take place on Tuesday night, with a UFC contract up for grabs, and in their interviews both brothers say they expect quick finishes.

“The game plan is definitely to knock his ass out, that’s for sure,” said Louis, who has won all six of his fights in the opening round.

Older brother Orion also is confident of a quick finish, and told Overtime Heroics that he’s going to “go out there and throw bombs” and “try to hit him with every single shot.”

When asked for a prediction, Orion, who is also 6-0 as a pro, says he’s sees himself winning on a first-round knockout, adding however that he intends to be smart and pick and choose.

Both interviews are worth checking out, although the quality of Orion’s is a little suspect, and each fighter had plenty to talk about as they broke down where they came from and how MMA has changed their lives.

Louis pays tribute to Lost Boys founder and local MMA trainer Brian Wilson, who has worked closely with both fighters in his Arcata-based gym.

“We were raised to be warriors,” is how Orion described growing up in the Hoopa area and his father helped influence both brothers. “It shaped us into the people we are today.”

The fights will be televised on ESPN Plus with the five-fight card starting at 5 p.m.

Louis will fight as the main card with Orion fighting third.

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