American Legion

Northern Humboldt teams expect to be competitive


Ray Hamill/ – The Northern Humboldt Giants and Knights are back practicing with games anticipated soon.

By Ray Hamill — Two weeks into preseason practice, the Northern Humboldt American Legion baseball coaches expect their teams to be competitive this summer.

The club will feature two teams — the Giants and the Knights — with games anticipated to return in the near future as California moves deeper in phase three of the state’s reopening plan.

And for a group of players that didn’t see any game action this spring, they’ve been looking pretty solid.

“Practice has gone very well,” Ghisetti said. “The kids are out there competing. Everybody’s competing for a starting position. I think both teams are going to be competitive.” 

With social distancing and other restrictions in place, practice has had a different look since the teams returned to the field last week.


But the coaches and players have adapted well.

“I think the kids have responded,” Ghisetti said. “They’re starting to understand and respond to the coaches. They’re listening and they’re making some adjustments. It’s been great to be back out on the field.

“The kids are out there working hard.”

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