College of the Redwoods

Could football return to CR any time soon?


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By Ray Hamill — Just two days after the decision was made to suspend the school’s football program, College of the Redwoods Athletic Director Bob Brown is hopeful the team will return in the future.

“We will work to do everything we can to make that happen,” Brown said on Saturday, making his first public comments on the decision.

A decade ago the Corsairs were forced to suspend both the men’s soccer and baseball programs, also for budgetary reasons, but both teams returned within three years.

And Brown says the department will work to do the same for football, which has been played at the school since the mid 1960s.

“We’ll be hoping for a return some time down the road,” he said. “It certainly won’t be this year, but we’re committed to work with our coaches, our staff and senior administration to be able to reestablish whatever we can whenever the appropriate time comes.

“Obviously my hope is for something like that to happen.”

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