Santa Rosa coach excited about H-DNL contingent


Ray Hamill/ – Lane Thrap will play alongside former teammate Micah Fontenot-Cornely this fall.

By Ray Hamill — A pair of former St. Bernard’s teammates could start alongside each other again this fall at Santa Rosa JC.

Micah Fontenot-Cornely and Lane Thrap, who played two years together for the Crusaders, will be reunited at Santa Rosa and each is expected to have an impact.

On Thursday afternoon, Bear Cubs head coach Lenny Wagner said he’s looking forward to seeing the duo line up at receiver, and believes both are good enough to start.

“Micah would have been our best player last year,” Wagner said of the 2018 St. Bernard’s graduate, who suffered a broken foot early in preseason training and received a medical red shirt. “He’s a heck of a player.”

The standout receiver, who played one season at College of the Redwoods before transferring down south last year, is back fully healthy again and is a big-play threat every time he touches the ball.

“He’s fearless and he’s got good size, speed and athleticism,” Wagner said. “He’s just a real positive hard-working guy.

“He brings a lot to the table. He is for sure a game breaker.”

Fontenot-Cornely, who also was a standout track athlete at St. Bernard’s, is a team captain for the Bear Cubs, and a long-time mentor for Thrap, who played alongside him for his first two seasons at St Bernard’s.

“He was always the senior out there teaching us how to do things,” Thrap said. “Hopefully we’ll get to play side by side (at Santa Rosa).”

Versatility at receiver

Thrap recently announced his decision to play at Santa Rosa this fall after graduation, and says he is looking forward to reuniting with his former teammate.

Wagner also is looking forward to working with Thrap.

“He’s a stud,” the Santa Rosa head coach said of the SB senior. “He’s really good and I think he could play a couple of different positions at receiver.

“He could play outside or he could play inside. I could see him and Micah as two starters.”

The JC coach also likes Thrap’s big-play ability.

“He has a very, very high football IQ,” Wagner added. “And he’s a hustle guy. He makes plays when you need it.”

Wagner will be using four- and even five-receiver sets, and has brought in what he sees as a good crop of players to compete at quarterback.

Last season the Bear Cubs lost an all-star starter at quarterback just weeks before the season kicked off when he left the team to join a four-year program.

This season, Wagner will have four quality quarterbacks to battle it out for the starting spot, including Eureka senior Trevor Bell, who is a friend of Thrap’s since they were young.

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