H-DNL schools to light up their stadiums in honor of student athletes


Ray Hamill/

By Ray Hamill — The Humboldt-Del Norte League will light up the night in honor of its student athletes this Monday night.

In an event initiated by Manny Machado of Redwood News, the league has responded almost unanimously in support of the senior student athletes, who had their spring seasons taken away due to the coronavirus.

At 8:20 p.m., the league schools will turn on their stadium lights to honor those seniors.

The league has stressed this is not an event to attend, but rather a way to recognize the student athletes of 2020. 

Students, their families and the community are asked to keep the athletes and everyone impacted by COVID-19 in their thoughts.

The lights will remain on for 20 minutes.

Macahdo was inspired to suggest the event after high schools in Washington made the decision to do it.

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