Seniors facing a triple blow if spring sports don’t resume


Ray Hamill/ – McKinleyville senior Cameron Saso

By Ray Hamill — High school seniors could be in line to lose a lot more than just their final seasons in prep sports.

With the ongoing global crisis surrounding COVID-19, all sports activities in the H-DNL and around the nation have been put on ice, with a growing concern we may not see a resumption this school year.

It remains a little premature to say for sure that the seasons are done, however, with coaches and student-athletes still hopeful of competing in a shortened season in May and perhaps into June.

If, however, the seasons are canceled, this year’s senior class could be facing a triple blow.

In addition to losing their final chance to play in high school, the outgoing class will now face tougher competition for places on college teams because of the extra year of eligibility that has been awarded to collegiate athletes after the cancelation of their seasons.

“We don’t know the effect college kids getting an extra year will have,” McKinleyville baseball head coach Scott St. John said. “And that puts high school seniors in a tough spot. Some places aren’t going to have spots for them if all these other kids are coming back. It’s kind of wait and see on that.”

It will also result in less scholarship dollars available, with funds going to the returning college athletes taking advantage of their extra eligibility.

And the problems for this year’s high school seniors don’t end there.

If their seasons are completely canceled, they will lose the opportunity to impress college scouts, as well as a season of development and preparation for the higher competition they’ll face in college.

All in all, losing their spring season would have multiple negative effects for the class of 2020.

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