Committed to continued sports coverage through the Corona virus crisis


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By Ray Hamill — There may not be a whole lot going on in local sports these days, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to talk about.

The Corona Virus, powerful and all as it might be, can’t take that away from us.

And with that in mind, we want to remind local sports fans that here at Humboldt Sports we will be continuing to publish fresh stories daily throughout this crisis, in an effort to keep our readers both informed and entertained.

There may not be any games going on, but that doesn’t mean there are no stories.

We’re going to take the time to catch up with some old friends to see how they’re doing and how they’re coping with the layoff, while also taking a look forward to what we can expect to see when local sports do resume.

Like any small business, we hope you’ll continue to support us, our sponsors and all local businesses during these troubling times, and continue to visit our webs site on a daily basis for all your local sports updates.

Before you know it, the local sports world will bounce back, bustling with life again and as busy as ever.

Until then, stay safe.

And stay informed.

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