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As AD search stalls, what does it mean for HSU sports?

By Ray Hamill — Humboldt State has suspended the search for a new Athletics Director, although it might not be all bad news for Jacks fans.

In a press release on Monday, the school announced that the search has concluded without the position being filled, and that the process will be re-launched in the future.

According to the release, “The decision follows a months-long national search. Recommendations from the committee were reviewed in consultation with incoming HSU President Tom Jackson, Jr., and a determination was made to end the current search.”

In the meantime, the athletics department will continue to be led by interim AD Duncan Robins until a new interim AD is named, something that is anticipated before the end of June.

The question for Jacks fans is what exactly does this mean for HSU sports?

On face value it appears to be another black eye for a sports department that has had its fair share of them in recent years.

It follows closely on the farcical search for a new football head coach in 2018, before the school announced the suspension of that process and then the cancellation of the program.

However, it also appears as if the new president is determined to play an active role in filling the position on his terms, which could be a good sign for a department starving for them.

His decisions in the coming months and years will go a long way toward defining the future of HSU sports, and it is at least a good sign he appears ready to take more of a role in one of the most important sports hires in the school’s history.

Robins has served in the role of interim AD for the past two years and has been a very unpopular choice among local fans and boosters, especially in light of the decision to eliminate football after last season.

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