Dolcini taking her talents to Chico State


Photos by Ray Hamill/ – Fortuna’s Camrin Dolcini poses for a photo along with her coaches after signing a letter of intent to join the Chico State track and field program.

By Ray Hamill — Camrin Dolcini is taking her pole vault career to new heights.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Fortuna senior signed a letter of intent to join the Chico State track and field program, where she will compete in the pole vault as well as in the hurdle events.

The multi-sport standout could have taken her talents to any number of schools in any number of sports, but choose the school she fell in love with on a recent visit, and the sport she fell in love with as a freshman.

She admits, however, Chico State was not even on her radar until she was introduced to Chico head coach Robert Nooney at a cross country meet.

“I happened to run into the Chico coach, and I wasn’t even considering Chico,” she said. “So I went there (for a recruiting visit) and I fell in love with the campus. And I met some of the team and they all had very positive things to say about the program.”

As for how she got started in the pole vault, she can thank Fortuna assistant coach Rod Kausen.

“When I was a freshman, coach Kausen approached me and asked me if I was afraid of heights,” she said. “And I said no, and he said good, we’re going to try you in the pole vault.”

Dolcini immediately took to the event, and the rest, as they say, is Fortuna sports history.


Dolcini signs the letter of intent alongside her parents, Bobby and Kalynn.

She will leave an impressive legacy in her wake.

Heading into her senior season in track, Dolcini already has achieved four all-league White Stars in the sport, two in the pole vault, one in the 100 meters and one in the 4×100 relay, a total she is bound to add to this spring.

Just as impressively, she currently holds school records in four events — the 100 and 200 meters, the 100 hurdles, and the pole vault.

As her track coach Norm Sotomayor told the gathering of teammates, friends and family at the signing, she is sixth in the North Coast Section this spring in the long jump, and it’s not even her main event.

“I know Camrin is not satisfied with these records or white stars,” the coach said. “She’s always been competitive and successful at what she does.”

Dolcini has also left her mark in other sports at Fortuna High, including four years playing for the basketball program, and two each with the soccer and cross country teams.

She has played a sport every season of her high school career, more recently making a substantial impact with the Huskies’ cross country team.


Dolcini was an all-league first-team selection in basketball in both her junior and senior years.

She was also an all-league first-team selection in both her junior and senior years in basketball, a sport she could very well have taken to the next level.

“I think coming into high school, probably the first two years, I was more focused on basketball,” she said, before adding with a smile, “but then I fell in love with track.”

Another reason the 3.79 GPA student athlete choose the Wildcats was because of the academic fit and their nursing program.

As a freshman, Dolcini cleared 9 feet, six inches in the pole vault, improving that mark to 10-6 as a sophomore and 11-6 as a junior.

“So this year, we’re shooting for 12-6,” Sotomayor said.

This spring, the standout senior will compete in four events, including the pole vault, the 100 hurdles, the 4×100 relay and either the long jump or the 300 hurdles.

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