Future of Arcata High sports fields up for debate on Thursday 


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By Ray Hamill — Arcata sports fans are being encouraged to attend Thursday night’s Northern Humboldt Union High School District Board of Trustees meeting, with the future of the school’s sports fields up for discussion.

The meeting will take place at the Arcata High School library at 6 p.m.

The school, which has long had limited athletic facilities, is looking to renovate the playing fields alongside Sunset Avenue, with funds from Measure N reportedly having been set aside for the purpose.

The Tigers’ facilities are the worst currently in the Humboldt-Del Norte League. 

They don’t have a football field or varsity baseball field, playing their games elsewhere and often scrambling to find an open venue.

Arcata fans would ideally like to see a new all-weather artificial surface that would accommodate baseball, softball, soccer, football and track and field, all on the one field at the Sunset location, similar to Saint Mary’s High School, a field you can view here.

The cost of such a facility and the cost of its maintenance remain a debated subject, although many Arcata fans and parents believe the funds would be there for it.

Whatever about the cost, the North Coast is screaming out for more artificial surfaces, especially in soccer, which would enable the local teams to play a winter schedule like the majority of the North Coast Section.

Thursday’s meeting is viewed as a crucial one for the future of Arcata sports, and fans and parents are being encouraged to show up and let their voices be heard.

The Tigers have been trying for years to get better facilities.

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  1. Build the football, soccer and track on the empty field at the bottom of tiger hill. The stands on the hill side and a small stretch along the other side for visitors. The baseball field right where it’s at . There is plenty of room if you measure it out

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