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Cosce leads the Lost Boys at MMA fight night

LouisCosce-vs-TravisBuscemiLebrun (30 of 46)

Photo by Karla Rivas … Former Hoopa High wrestler Louis Cosce defeated Travis LeBrun for his second professional win at the Bear River Casino Fight Night last weekend.

By HumboldtSports.com … Orleans native Louis Cosce capped a big night for the Lost Boys gym with his second professional win at last weekend’s Bear River Casino Fight Night.

Cosce, a former Hoopa Valley High wrestler who is fast building a reputation as a dynamic young mixed martial arts pro, defeated Travis Lebrun with a rear-naked choke in the opening round of the night’s main event and only pro fight.

His victory was one of three for the Lost Boys gym out of Arcata, which went 3-3 for the night.

Cosce’s teammate Taylor Watkins kept his perfect MMA record in tact with a victory over Michael Humphrey (second-round arm bar) for the featherweight title on the line, while Andrew Guisa improved to 4-1 with a first-round TKO of Jonathan Lima.

“All of our guys did well,” Lost Boys co-owner and fight night promoter Brian Wilson said. “And some of them got some good experience.”

MMA Andrew 2

Photo by Karla Rivas … Andrew Guisa of the Lost Boys gym won his fight Saturday at Bear River Casino

It was Cosce, however, who stole the show, improving to 2-0 as a pro.

“Athletically, he’s on another level,” Wilson said of Cosce, whom he has trained for several years. “And he has an incredible wrestling background.”

Cosce is also a jiu jitsu purple belt with the Lost Boys, and the brother of fellow pro MMA fighter Orion Cosce.

“I think always having a brother like that to measure yourself against has been a big part of both their success,” Wilson said.

Louis Cosce has already signed on for his next pro fight, which will be against Jonathan Morris (1-1) in his hometown of Redding on Oct. 13.

Wilson founded Hard Fought Productions with his wife Eileen a few years back to promote the local fight nights and give local fighters the chance to compete here on the North Coast.

And the popularity of the events is a reflection of how popular the sport has become here, with more than 1,000 fans regularly showing up for the fight nights.

TylerWatkins-vs-MichaelHumphrey (13 of 34).jpg

Photo by Karla Rivas … Taylor Watkins defeated Michael Humphrey to claim the featherweight title on the line on Saturday.

“It’s grown exponentially, from the size of the show to the caliber of fighters, to the relationship I’ve made in the fighting community,” Wilson said. “The level of competition of the fighters is much higher than it was.”

In the other fights at Bear River last weekend,  Victor Flores defeated Michael Jordan with a third-round TKO; Brady Green defeated Aaron Youngkrantz with a unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-28); Dylan Miles defeated Alec Williams with a unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28); Kaes Ishun defeated Ross Lopez with a unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28); and Nate Montono defeated Austin Stephens with a unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

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  1. Louis and his brother Orion are Downriver natives (just for the record) and we are beyond proud of them…can’t wait to watch their MMA careers skyrocket!!

  2. So Ross Lopez and the two others who fought arent lost boys…yet they fight for lost boys… and have fought for or trained with lost boys for some time now…but they arent lost boys right? because they had a perfect record…do some research before writting an article . If you are gonna cover an event dont favor one team so heavy it looks really unprofessional and it makes it look like you are just a team blogger.

    as for dominant victories id watch some of those fights again
    Watkins didnt win easy, he got dominated in the stand up game and outclassed his opponent on the ground where he won via arm bar
    You make alot of the competition they face look lazy and outworked when in all reality they were super close fights…

    • First off…im the fighter who fought Tyler Watkins and while the article does highlight some good points
      It completely leaves out & discredits the other three guys who fought under lost boys for even being Lost boys (Ross Lopez, Aaron Youngkrantz, Michael Jordan) which in my eyes-win or lose-is disrespectful to the other fighters.

      Also Orion Cosce is the Older Brother…just saying
      Not trying to be rude or anything but if you are gonna cover an event please be more thorough because this is lazy and disrespectful

    • Watkins dominated Humphrey. The other two fights mentioned in were really not close at all, in fact they were first round finishes. This website is called humble sports, And the lost boys were the only local fighters on the card. Why would they cover the out of the area fighter? This article highlighted the success of local talent. The article clearly mention that the lost boys team was 3-3. All flights and results or mention at the bottom. Trust me no one person from last boys is upset about this article. LOL The three fighters that loss have plenty of success coming in their future.

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